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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Iskalamasak this time!

Although invented "Removing" Although we have a culture that says ... Once in a while are able to invent things. However, are not the only, are destroying their own icadımızı.
The first prototype of the submarine is considered "propeller barrel", the Golden Horn as entertainment circumcision prince've invented. Then out of the barrel field of use may be fun, regardless of whether the inventor removed away. British, French, wooden boats, explosive placement, then a similar approach, "I isterem" he fell worry acquire submarines.
Innovation is what we call innovation, exactly the "new wine in old bottles" to bring, and we never hazzetmeyiz it. Who did something different, "Con Mike circulation machine," he takes ti'ye, Galata Doğancılar'a in descending Hezarfen'i "yaşamamışa" freeze.
No need to go back a long time. Karakurt car and locomotive engineers who invented the revolution, we still have to eliminate.
To destroy the disease we want to get different, the most striking example; Nuri Demirağ. "Iron networks we've built from scratch over the motherland," the anthem of this mucidimiz 1250 km prints. Ata by rail has proven one of the coming of age. However, not satisfied, the Bosphorus Bridge, Dam Keban such ideas, time management, cried. The Turkish aircraft made the first sound came, he sat down. A world-class production in 1944 was certified in aviation. And the power of time, the courts Demirağ süründürdü, Find Heaven School has closed, factories and confiscated the floor. He "never doğmamışa" was returned.
Can the text of a news story today mucidimizin there. Europe's fastest solar-powered car, Ali Ezinç and his team, have produced in Kayseri.
Let us assume that yesterday, the minds, "global success" was not ready.
War conditions, the "investment climate" was not appropriate.
But the climate today, "growing from Turkey," since the ...
However, the minds, if the "pioneer industries are ready to establish a" not miss this opportunity.
Just as submarines, aircraft, automobiles and lokomotifte as ...

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