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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The real fight for Istanbul

General assembly after the feast of fall weather marred the last minute, the court battles begin CHP positions. The party shares the House of duty will be the first step.

Batumi is likely to be served on the Board of the Central Süheyl Gursel Thompson, Leader Sav'dan kapışacak for the vacant seat. More accurately, the seat holder Thomas, but if Batum is expected to continue to act like authority remained divided, and half in itself. FMC has the lowest ranks of the new charter secretary general, Batumi, the second man actually sürdürüp old perception plays a role. Electoral alliance with the BDP conflict on many issues may continue. As might be recalled President Gürsel Tekin Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and despite a hard stance to leave the door open debate fueled Batumi. Thompson, Batum such communication by means fewer accidents will want to appear to welcome a chair. Dissonance may lead to unwanted situations is really the party proceeded to the election. Also of Batumi on the nationalist and the 'Ergenekon defending man' image, that can prevent the party's face. Ergenekon trials have to put with a distance between the CHP, controlled, Batum back in. positions. Upon içtinap already dismissed Nihat Matkap'ın Batumi was the general secretary hurriedly.

The second major war of positions to live in Istanbul. Istanbul, but the CHP is very important for all parties to express different meanings. Metropolitan general way to the presidential nomination was filed with Kılıçdaroğlu'na. The number and percentage of votes with the selection of representatives contributed significantly affect the results. Istanbul holds, the party is increasing its effectiveness. Berhan Simsek, leaving the membership of the FMC when considering the current president to understand what I mean. Previous Provincial President Gursel Thompson also indebted to Istanbul from entering the political market. Who resigned the presidency of the provincial congress in May, eager to enter MYK'ya Thompson, had been hışmına Sav. Wanted to return to Istanbul, but failed to enter the administration could not find PM'ye place. Simsek vacated by the resignation of the president's proposal for the general membership of the FMC, and for a long time despite the seçilememiş ârafta remained. However, after the referendum failure Kemal Bey, the deputy Leader Sav'a yapabilmişti dental geçirebilmiş and Thomas.

Now Thomas was in the hands of power and seek to çekidüzen Istanbul. Sav'dan deeds undertaken by the power of next Simsek "party politics is done by region. If you look at organized in Istanbul, who are making it occurs. RPP, place all the sects." I think the words entered in the records. Lightning is not the only problem, the Provincial President Gursel Bey. Sav pointer indicates a 'do not want Thomas' saying, Önder Bey, the head of the province under the seat stepped into the tail of allegiance çalımlayarak teşkilatlara hand will have to take. Did not think the term is completely misguided attitudes Ârafta shout. Former General Chairman Deniz Baykal, Istanbul Deputy Mehmet Sevigen right arm, some county agencies that may be the target. The conference is strengthening the hand of authority and the upcoming election Istanbul Thompson fight. No one will not speak out against the president before the lists of representatives of the shadow. But the real pleased with the announcement lists to remove dust.

The conference and the media support of brand new high of cliques that dare to oppose the president can share their trump card in Istanbul. I already moved it on the target board to deliver easily yanaşmayacaklardır çizdirdikleri Tekin here. Loss for only the votes and seats in Parliament in Istanbul. To stand in front of multi-eye image, the party's general image of fighting more than is reflected here. Without missing a very delicate operation would be great.

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