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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CHP power Abdullatif Sener

Ankara, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu CHP'deki homeland "one man" while building the power of about 2 thousand people gathered in Dersim taşlıyordu pub. Who is the moral zabıtalığına soyunanlar by violence in Dersim, necidir, believe me I have no idea. I wonder whether even heard of the need for research. Side of the problem that concerns me, the action method.

Who they are, they should hate what you represent, to tidy up the streets with stones and sticks, to rule their own local yeltenemezler. Of course, tipsy on the sociological impact of the places discussed in families, the solution may be needed if you have trouble in the middle, but no one could give to society as a way out of violence.

Tipsy street parking places in the capital for days and talk to the police in control of those who come to ignore the severity of Dersim'deki pub, women's organizations and egg lovers permeate into the corners to keep the news of a limited two-column, double-standard approach to the problem in terms of sermesi reveal striking.

For example pub action yaşansaydı Erzurum, Turkey today, CHP, spoke kurultayını. Especially if Ankara or Istanbul, Turkey İranlaşmasından konuşulmadık subject to the sharia and not let hold.

CHP kurultayını Watching this perspective, Hurriyet, Vatan, Milliyet, such as discarded newspapers naralarını joy, "come to be afraid," the CHP convention, just like the F1, "" Now, the AKP in the process of wear and tear, "" Finally, giving hope to the CHP, "can better understand the type of titles thrown.

When a new party, Abdullatif Sener, DP Husamettin Cindoruk sevindirik also had become seized. Now I embraced this slogan: there is a breath of hope are there!

To be or not

This time, I wish achievement. That controls the power of a strong opposition, the democratic gains and increases the amount of power across the living hope of an alternative, does not leave you breathless. Sledgehammer Ergenekon, and the brakes, such as escape from underground.

Kemal Bey, the general presidential seat, seated at the party said in a dead land silkeledi, organizations and the masses excited revived. However, this process silkelenmeyi, vigor and enthusiasm not supported by strong policies that will bond vote.

It was said, there are shackles, such as Deniz Baykal and Önder Sav.

Last conference, Kemal Bey, the steering wheel as the only man who passes all the shackles and escaped from the beginning of the process. Now the luxury of making excuses left. The next election, will be billed in true self-sevabıyla unequivocally.

Is the leader succeeds, fails to fall in many corners of the tavern itself is party, such as "past a wound in my heart" song is singing. Of course, he taşlamazlarsa tavern ...

Deniz Baykal, the outcome as it does not last 18 years, go seek help from those hoping he does not fear death for years, such as Turkan Saylan, barley, since the death of his horse is gürpeden.
He must therefore work hard to keep.

Kemal Sunal comedy

After all, there is a long way to election to the floor. Convention speech was poor, the party council beterdi people. The total cost of 200 trillion liras in excess of the old money, but the polls have been tried in the past promises of buried Demirel procedure "Kemal" to wrap packaging is very difficult to deceive.

"My name is Kemal, I find the money saying" There is no financial money. Dolduramazsanız promises the inside, your words, comedy films such as "Kemal Sunal" are treated.

Then you ask him out: 600 pounds per month in Istanbul, connecting those in need when büyükşehre candidate promised, now leader of the CHP come apply in the municipality of Izmir.

However, not only the TV to remind people: Look, 2-3 months, the salaries of public employees do not get on TV, you pay us to give to the poor in Turkey prior to their işçilerinizin pay fees.

Either the new staff?

Barnes and Sav'a parade did not you, also did well. Yumruğunuzu poster of Che Guevara, by removing the left under the "fascism" you said, you go with the presence of TOB-Der property, the nostalgic ride did before September 12, Silivri çaktınız salute, "Kurdish" feared the word, spoken of the headscarf, the military guardianship've taken tangent, but Gürsel Tekin's charisma drew the right arm.

Sezgin Tanrikulu PM'ye Kurdish initiative failed to name the icon. "This is the CHP, Kurds say is not that easy," he says, the pain is big. "10.yıl 100.yıl not bestelemeyiz anthem" radical outputs in the form of a list which Enver Aysever çizikleriyle bruised. Wealth of years of social democrat Unsal, Ali Tezel known as a friend of the working public frustration from those who lived and Alper Taşdelen.

Two of the most important when you disconnected PM'ye kurmaylarınızdan Abdullatif Sener ANAP and DYP deputy leader Bulent Kuşoğlu origin and Ali Arif Özzeybek two ... Rights Suha Okay, Falcon Mengü'yü, Haluk Koç when deleting a preference they should do?

Oddly, Sener, CHP and Baykal Sav'dan became more effective. Mr. Abdullatif, but the staff could not save the new party brought to power in CHP.

Anyway ...

Kemal Bey, who was so great, the output path. Our first principle, the public will here to note that the other convictions.

Let hayırlısı ...

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