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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Başakşehirliler, Ataşehirliler, Ataköylüler ...

Family institution corruption, conflicts, fights, divorce has increased I wrote, played over the place.

What I said?

I have read over and over again what I typed.

In summary demişim said:

Çatırdatıyor the roof of the institution of modern family life. Modernization and new technology, computer and social networks are the basis of the family puts dynamite.

Secret marriages, extramarital affairs intensified.

Divorces increased.

Now ...

All these developments are a serious threat, especially religious families ...

Second marriages, fake, web relations, secret second marriages ...

"All these religious people who, in the second marriage as place for conservatives prefer Başakşehir'i" demişim.

This does not mean that, more than 100 thousand inhabitants of a region and the target I've got all families who lived there.

Even though I'm aimed at you that this is not possible.

I like that the whole region with a statement attributed to a crime and those who settled Başakşehir'de even so kind as everyone knows such a thing, and this claim will not be able to just laugh.

I am telling you all still think ours the purpose well.

Nor what the purpose of Başakşehir'i kötülemekti Başakşehirliler'i.

This is not my köşemden, even passed the corner of my mind.

But ...

Other newspapers, writing my own pages, meaning yansıtınca registration for its own purposes, meaning broken.

Writing in such a way that they gave me: "Look, conservatives, and this job is a sin for işliyorlarmış Başakşehir'i seçiyorlarmış" therefore "stranded in a strange place it has been" transformed into the format.

Now ...

Once you make the second marriage, and marriage and declared that those who base their legitimate reasons, do not have a say never.

Where otururlarsa otursunlar, where they let the housing, it does not concern me.

Also of interest to anyone in!

God forbid someone makes halal You can not!

God makes no kınayamaz halal!

Other newspapers took my writing, "Look, not only we, religious people işliyormuş a sin, in doing this job Başakşehir'i ediyorlarmış prefer," he was moved to a size that would generate in excess of the purpose of my writing.

What if I told you that would change not stranded Atasehir?

Or how would I know, if I told Atakoy or Beylikduzu.

Relations in all areas of the city to find himself mentioned slots.

Therefore, a space, a region just illogical to blame for it anyway.

Would also engage in such foolishness for me.

Say is:

Dear Başakşehirliler ...

Or Ataşehirliler or Ataköylüler or Beylikdüzülüler ...

If there is a situation that required the incorporation, I believe it is so great and overwhelming majority ... Do not take your supervisor.

I want to draw attention to the family institution of the subject, how come this is a negative point for the sanctity of the family's privacy and çekebilirizdi to a point.

Everything else is in excess of the purpose, the context of the negative connotations breakaway.

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