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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Schengen visa secrets!

Need to say all along. In this article, some European ambassadors in Ankara may miss the comfort. According to eye because of their large share of hundred of thousands of people have taken çilesinde visa.

Nowadays, different countries filled the pages for visas had to renew my passport for the fourth time. Thus, the new chip in the passport would be gained. Whether the right, in Istanbul for the Safety of the new passport was delivered in a short time, such as 1 and a half days.

Although the financial burden a little easier to renew a passport. The real issue, quickly filled the pages of a passport visa. Something like the old passports karıştırınca, Schengen visas required for travel to most European countries have filled out the pages I saw.

Business need to go to Europe. But many times in the same period, go to the United States despite U.S. visa in the passport that it occupied only one page. Because of a visa granted for 10 years. But France, Germany, Belgium got countries such as the Schengen visa system, in the period range from one month to a maximum of 1 year.

That is to say: Although we're doing and address specific criteria and according to the Schengen visa to take every applicant, even though so far without any problem dönmemize visas to our country does not exceed a period of one year. Thus, each time to overcome the bureaucracy and the need to pay visa fees. Please Do not see it as a personal problem. EU countries need to work the case to go to the trouble that is inhabited by hundreds of thousands of people.

A large number of travel of citizens of Turkish origin ambassador in Ankara, faced with one of the European countries, I opened this topic. Right and wrong has agreed. Then where did that Schengen visa application asked. I lived in Istanbul for the naturally 'consulate in Istanbul,' I said. Then, he said in a 5-year visa and asked me to inform him the next submission. The first visa my application, these words remind. But this is more important than the resulting conversation is real, and they want 5 years of European countries in the Schengen visa verebildiğiydi. To find out, an ambassador to talk with gerekmeliydi? Why so many years, even this possibility of a consular sunmamıştı?

Please note that, after half a century of us here who set up the relationship with the EU, the Balkan countries, the visa exemption naturalise and Turkey are not talking about the visa queue be outstanding. Or the European Community Court of Justice (ECJ) decisions of the Additional Protocol entered into force in 1973, according to businessmen, contractors, doctors, scientists, artists, journalists should not apply, such as visas are not talking about providing services to persons in category.

Here, we take note, issued in the normal visa procedures, unnecessary challenges and later covered and kullandırılmayan rights. Indeed, all aspects of the issue with a senior EU official was speaking be for. In addition to these problems, the Schengen visa for 1 month to resolve differences in standards between countries embassies said they performed the work. Every year 700 thousand people in Turkey had received a visa for EU countries. Even if you had any improvement in the EU's current visa regulations, businessmen, journalists, academics can be given free visa, he said. Visa accepted sürelerindeki arbitrariness. However, the decision ATAD'ın service providers in Germany is limited, argued that generalizations can be made. Visa to solve the root problem of authorized Turkey's Re-Admission Agreement to sign saying that, it heralds the approaching end of the negotiations, while the process also drew attention to the point blocked. Turkey, "EU Commission before the Council the authority to speak for someone Şengen'i" he says. Turkey wants to sign the Agreement for acceptance before the Commission. Hopefully, it will not take much to overcome this problem. But until that day, and passports unnecessary dissemination of existing facilities, short-term Schengen visas dolmasa, what happens?

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