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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kılıçdaroğlu Navy Üçok'u Do you remember?

Last week, two important developments took place about attempted coup.
1 - Sledgehammer Case Impact Initiative began.
2 - The Navy Command of Golcuk a search within the documents have been uncovered incredible.
These two issues are somewhat in the shade of the Congress of the CHP because of the last 60 years of democracy in terms of history, politics was important to ignore the unavoidable.
Important because it attempts to blow cebelleşen Turkey, among them the first time, the soldiers still on duty in front of the judiciary's a group of entrepreneurs took the pulse.
Party newspaper published documents that we are all about the attempted coup ürpermiştik. Inside, those who know the history of coups to bring down aircraft bombing of a mosque at all surprised there was a series of horrific plan.
Coup attempt, though the number one suspect Gen. Cetin Dogan, television, television wandering "war game," he said, but rather than darbeseverler inandıramamıştı anyone.
Sabah newspaper some time ago that happy Çölgeçen convincing, based on surveys of the General Staff itself was revealed. According to the documentation of the General Staff, "Plan of Operation Sledgehammer war game, not the coup plan" rate was.
Such is the case for the prosecution opened and the process will continue in the coming ... Puddles in the light of the Navy to put a point here now call the last two years Komutanlığı'ndaki let's look at those.
"Wet Signature" ous reaction Cage Action Plan and Action Plan to Combat and weapons associated with them Poyrazköy remember gushing lava.
Chief of General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug of the period, by looking into the eyes of public opinion, for the weapons seized in the lava, he said: "These are the pipes ..."
Pipe also confirmed that the documents, but the main striking, Golcuk Naval Command under the supervision of a colonel was found in the searches.
What are the documents that he did not ... Sending into exile in their own commanders, political reaction to those who ordered the Plan to Combat had a series of shocking information. But most importantly, the weapons and patlayıcılardı Poyrazköy recent searches.
At first glance, may be called, but got used to this kind of weapons, including bombs and an explosive, however, was not able to remember on the thinking and the old unsolved murders. TV and newspaper reports that an explosive entry in a short sentence: "10 x 15 cm size 'Delta Sheet' of paper labeled bombs were seized."
This is a short-sentence news, took us 90 years. Because the bombs in Turkey, "Contemporary and secular" intellectuals Ucok assassination reminded the Navy. Ucok, died in the explosion of bomb in the form of paper into a book.
Do not have a bond that will bring justice. However, deeper investigation into the attempted coup, the dark events of our history Muammer Aksoy, Uğur Mumcu, such as the unsolved murders in a revealing one.
Indeed, the term '"Delta Sheet" labeled paper bomb, I wondered if the sight of a combination of the name of the Navy Ucok: I wonder how a new attitude on this issue will take the CHP?
The conference is not a single word on the subject as opposed Kılıçdaroğlu Mehmet Ergenekon suspect Haberal'a old line of his party continued to send greetings. As I see it Kurdish, Alevi and the headscarf issue, although this is değinmemiş politics over issues and problems in a quest to make the process of choosing the Ergenekon Kılıçdaroğlu'nu most compelling. Freedom and democracy can not work together destekçiliği savunuculuğuyla Ergenekon.
This is a CHP can not draw the line, what the Kurds, Alevis do what religious people, nor simply the victims of the system can touch.

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