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Friday, December 31, 2010

Was said Cihaner

Special Madam Attorney General, Ismailaga community members about some of the people who prepared the file "These armed organization," saying the reception of his rebellious Cihaner'le Ilhan gave the same decision. The prosecution "No armed organization," he said.

Chief Prosecutor at the time of Erzincan, Ismailaga started an investigation into the community, but with "crime, unauthorized opening educational institutions and as the subject of my investigation," despite his insistence, before the file is taking his private Authorized Başsavcıvekilliği'ne transferred to Erzurum, then so soruşturulan, Ismailaga Adana, flat file, citing the prosecutor assigned to the demonstration were arrested, and finally turned out to be justified Cihaner Ilhan.

Ismailaga community opinion on the merits of a competent court in the trial shown in Erzurum explaining the special prosecutor's office with special powers, functioning community, a crime against the constitutional order, the defendants stated that only the punishment of unauthorized charges on educational institutions.
Thus, from the very beginning Cihaner advocated, "the executive task of the investigation of Erzincan," thesis, the developments experienced in the insistently, "there is organized crime, the task of Erzurum Special Authorized prosecutor" was adopted in view of defending the Public Prosecutor of Erzurum.

What happened?

Process leading to the agenda of the sitting Cihaner Turkey, Erzincan at the time of Attorney General, initiated the investigation began about Ismailaga community. Community, children, families kopartarak, opened in violation of the law establishing the courses taught, improperly signed by some of the business and operations Cihaner started an investigation file on the grounds that, after a period in Erzurum Special Authorized Başsavcıvekilliği intervened.

Prosecutor Katie Erzurum, Sanal, "an armed organization, the structure of the community", citing that a notice of the file, and wanted to Cihaner.

At the end of the file is sent to Erzurum Cihaner dirense. Within the scope of the investigation report prepared by the Ministry, the case was opened on Cihaner. Although unarmed, to specify that the congregation, Cihaner, within the scope of the investigation conducted by the Action Plan to Combat reactionary, was arrested for allegedly try to show a structure of armed community. Cihaner about the lawsuits going on. The file Sanal, community members, accused of crimes against the constitutional order.

'Müjde'deki secret

Ismailaga investigation, suspects, phone calls, go to Erzurum in the file "good news" was understood as reporting to each other.
Erzincan envisages only up to 1 year in prison, "unauthorized opening educational institution" soruşturulan members of the congregation, which require heavy life imprisonment "overthrow the constitutional order" on charges of sending files in Erzurum soruşturulacakları why "Good News" could not be understood as a term to describe it.

Special Authorized Erzurum 2 High Criminal Court in the case, the hearing on October 26, Special Prosecutor Authorized Ender Black Sea, on the defendants' attempt to abolish the constitutional order by using force and violence "to commit the crime of evidence indicating that the decision to give beraatlerine asked. Black, 11 defendants, Erzincan and Erzurum were opened under the name of course Medina and Vuslat Foundations 'training their students in violation of the law' for the 3 months to 1 year imprisonment demanded. Decide the case at the hearing will be held in January. So, months later, the defendants' action, such as in Erzurum Prosecutor Cihaner the "open educational institution without permission," as was nitelemiş. Designated competent court and prosecutors, only to crimes committed against the constitutional order, can look at organized crime.

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