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Friday, December 31, 2010

Gul Baydemir 'hidden agenda' warning

Rose, Baydemir "hidden agenda and initiatives that avoid the reminder," he warned. And the Kurds in the west of the country's most prosperous life lasted only remind not live in the Southeast, said the provocative initiative that cuts would hurt

President Abdullah Gul's visit to Diyarbakir tense it was not until about 2.5 months before the planned environment. What BDP'liler "çiftdillilik" campaign launched, nor the DTC "democratic autonomy" debate has placed the country's agenda, nor the SWC as a reaction to all this, the Parliament and government responses to a very hard language getirmemişti. Of course, the great misfortune of this trip, the last NSC meeting of the Southeast met a lot of negative rather hard to explain the very next day after the meeting was that started. Despite all these odds, the first day of Gul's visit was quite successful, there was no serious problem or unpleasantness. How did that happen? I think both sides respect each other's expectations and demonstrating as in consideration of the limits. Indeed, the plane path Gul Diyarbakir, the region is quite high expectations of the people hatırlattığımda this trip, "statesmanship is not only to act according to expectations" had paid off. But I did not forget to include the wake: "But the expectations are behaving as if there is not."
Gul's tour of Diyarbakir a few feet and the emphasis on the human conscience can say that the building:

Instead of a political and ideological discourses and conscientious human sensitivities forward extraction:

At this point, Osman Baydemir meeting face to face with "things that people will reverse and conscience and should arınmamız said," Let's draw the bottom of that. Let's remember that the same emphasis in his speech at work around them, of course, with the call to disable the weapons and terrorism.

2 Non-discrimination:

Some of them waited for Rose to by-pass this trip BDP environments. Although the interview DTK'lıların not accept the demand, even in the single visit to the Metropolitan Municipality released the predictions wasted. Mayor Baydemir and lunch, and participated in the visit and the Organized Industrial Zone, Gul grabbed the chance to chat at length. Rose, however, the process of the referendum campaign, "yes" to his call for business machines, Raif Turk marble factory was destroyed by the PKK crawl line segments running despite having come out to exhibit an independent posture alone was enough to show.

3 Direct to the public to address:

It shows the love the audience who witnessed the way to the airport to the city rose, citizens everywhere chatted, posed for photos with them. Throughout the trip we met many people, most of them yanlısıydı BDP, Gul stressed that they are satisfied with the visit highly. For example, Rose, Baydemir'le office were discussing the chance to chat with a group of municipalities who found high-level task. Gul I love the Kurds, so they, too, and it is often said that her favorite Özal'la kıyasladılar Turgut.
Navigate the "zero problem" can not be said lu never passed. For example, Gul told journalists during a meeting closed to the press Baydemir leak caused a small crisis. In addition to the problems of the city Baydemir "çiftdillilik" and "democratic autonomy" is actually brought the agenda topics is not surprising. But upon reflection of his remarks to the press, so it more accurately, he said Gul had the opportunity to learn. Baydemir addressed to the President of the "hidden agenda and initiatives that promise to stay away from the reminder of the need to" have a warning in the form of the BDP and the eyebrow in the state of discussions initiated by the DTC also had revealed that a broad consensus.
Gul's "hidden agenda" other than a warning been more learned that Baydemir. That is the President Baydemir, the Kurds in Turkey, just not live in the Southeast, most of them west of the country to a prosperous life takes reminding that all segments of the most provocative attempt to disturb and underlined the possibility of harm to them. As a result, the first day of Gul in Diyarbakir, the visit is already a "historic" show that he deserves the title.


President Abdullah Gul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Diyarbakir in 2005 before becoming President, Prime Minister Erdogan had gone together. TOKI-key ceremony, the delegation participated in many activities such as the opening of Highway Ergani Prime Minister Erdogan was accompanied by the minister. Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul arrived in Diyarbakir welcomed children from playing in local folklore dress. Diyarbakir Mayor Osman Baydemir of the openings with the delegation and attended the ceremony. During this trip, Prime Minister Erdogan a much-debated "the Kurdish problem before anyone else my sorunumdur" He said.

PER over the eye ...

President Abdullah Gul, President of Metropolitan BDP'li Osman Baydemir, greeted at the entrance waiting for the next tool of authority. Rose and Baydemir, yürüyürek enter the municipal building on the red carpet laid at the door, posed for photos with the journalists. Rose, about 45 minutes left in the municipality. Baydemir putting his hand on the left chest, Rose "on top of my head my eyes', meaning Mark uğurladı.Gül, then visited Diyarbakir Organized Industrial Zone, behind the University of the Tigris ... Rector. Dr. By Aysegul Jale Sarac, President Rose welcomed the gate of the building, approximately 1 hour and then talked to the President Sarac aldı.Ziyaretin information about the university to comment on the state of the university's Rose, "Dinlediklerimden very impressed. Before my visit, the university had seen a more introverted. Innovations in a short time, so I was happy, "he said.

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