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Friday, December 31, 2010

Kandil chilling reality

Disappeared within 4 years, 1776 children in Diyarbakir. 39 percent of these children in a section, they were leaving their homes to join the PKK.

According to Joseph Gazeteport'tan Sahici'nin;
Diyarbakir, in the year 547, a total of 1,776 children disappeared in the last 4 years. Most of the 39 percent of these children, a terrorist organization by the Kandil mountain kandırıldığı appeared to be taken. Joined the PKK in the official records of children thought to have been due to''Lost''as a''250''Procedure Code was written. Organized crime organization, the Criminal Law Article 250'inci.
Diyarbakır, 2007, 319, 396 child disappeared in 2008. In 2009 the number increased and reached 514'e. 547 children lost in the first 10 months of this year. While a portion of these children, 39 percent of the statements deceived to join the terrorist organization, they appeared to leave their homes.


This year, 175 thousand children in Diyarbakir, also a total of 67 girls involved in crime. Lost 23 percent of children in marriage, while 8 percent are fleeing their homes in order to steal. Sightseeing and domestic violence, are among the important reasons.

Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, in Diyarbakir kindergartens, dormitories and schools did review. The AKP deputies, Mustafa Atas, Richard Pine, Mithat Ekici, CHP deputy Ertemur Riza, MHP and DSP deputies deputy Şenol Bal Jane Ağırbaş striking findings reached as a result of investigation.

Diyarbakir Governor's Office, Police Department and members of the delegation also visited the Gendarmerie Command, the first 10 months of this year, thousands of Diyarbakir identified 175 children involved in crimes against property and person. This year, 547 children lost their homes while they 518'inin own mother and father were well. Diyarbakir last year 10, this year a baby was abandoned.


Diyarbakir Gendarmerie Command officials, the children more deliberate assault, theft and property damage is less than the penalties given to children because''said involvement in the events of the crime or crimes to take on the operation of the children provided''they said.
Income level is low, conditions are not suitable for children to run in order to contribute to family finances, environment, education in crime prevention and withdrawal by others, children in crime to which he pointed out. Berdel'',''such as a barrel kertmesi factors and consanguineous marriages of children from home to escape the crime was acting to head recorded.

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