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Friday, December 31, 2010

That birthday!That birthday!

Cem Uzan in Paris for three days and three nights, long 50th birthday party photos captured VATAN

Uzan's close friend, was invited to the party organized by Mermerci'nin 50 Deep ...

Cem Uzan living in France, Turkey, 50th birthday party in Paris, called by his friends celebrated birilkte. Her boyfriend's birthday party, which started last Friday to Reach Deep Mermerci organized. Wishes from Istanbul to great party-Mustafa Toner, Bernard Akar, Şebnem-Mehmet Dereli, Osman Merzeci, Beg-Fair Benardete fashionable names such as childhood friends also attended, as well as a famous businessman. The party had a different meaning. Uzan-friendly invited to 50th birthday 50.

That birthday party
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Businessmen and three nights in a row last Saturday's birthday celebration began. Cem Uzan, before the luxury apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower Residence La Reserve'deki had dinner together with friends. Paris is famous for great celebration took place on Sunday evening entertainment venues Mathis Bar was closed. The music of the night, made famous DJ Suat Ateşdağlı. Domestic and foreign music played at night 4:30 in the morning 'over it. Mermerci'ye famous entrepreneur of the night deep in the organization helped Emma Ergani. Uzan's friends leaving the party, "we'll meet next month to celebrate the win lawsuits, they said.


Cem Uzan and Deep Mermerci'nin party did not escape the eyes of happiness. Uzan's right arm 'Deep' letter also drew attention. Celebrity guests, most of all having fun at the music of DJ Suat Ateşdağlı'nın Tarkan's "Kiss" song COŞTU. Cem Uzan's birthday cake after the guests one by one the candles with their hands üfledikten yedirdiği learned.

View of the Eiffel ROMANTICISM: Among the guests not only from Turkey, close friends and colleagues took place in France. Prepared food and decoration of the house overlooking the Eiffel chic celebration, every hour the lights burning was accompanied by Eiffel. Uzan, 50th birthday party in accordance with 50 close friends invited.

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