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Friday, December 31, 2010

Besiktas 96.3 million worth of tax shock!

Forgot about the corporation that publicly disclose the tax penalty on time

Besiktas, urging the CMB 'deferred description' was entitled to an explanation. Explanation, Finance Ministry Besiktas £ 38.5 million and 57.75 million pounds tax penalty tax demands emerged.

Portugal star football player Almedia'nın transfer funds via a new scandal has broken his emerging Besiktas. Public Disclosure previous day Besiktas Platform (KAP) "deferred explanations on" his statement a total of 96 million 250 thousand pounds Besiktas appeared to cut the tax penalty. The statement from the Ministry of Finance Besiktas Soccer Investments Inc. for the periods 2005-2009 to the tax, penalty and interest rate have been notified to the reports on the opinions given by specifying the following: "Based on reports served on our company, for financial years 2005-2009 £ 38.5 million and 57.75 million pounds tax penalty tax has been requested. The tax inspection reports and the requested tax, penalties and delays with respect to our company faizleriyle bulunulmuş apply for compromise on this issue is the legal procedure continues. On the other hand, in recent months, the agenda and the agenda of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and tax forgiveness under the bill, including bag tax asıllarında company released its own motion, and thus may occur in the tax penalty and interest rates resulting from improvements in favor of the company and their payment of all legal matters taksitlendirilmesi in procedures are followed. "

Tax description of the missing

Besiktas also some deficiencies in a statement that the tax did not go noticed. Original, 96.3 million penalty and with interest TL, finding information explaining the tax cut is not in the penalty for what purpose. The punishment of players is expected due to yatırılmamasından stopajların.

'Citizenship homework vergimizi know we'll pay full and on time'

Besiktas Soccer Investments, in 2002 on tax-related news media, "Besiktas Gymnastics Club for years, awareness of civic duty taxes in full, accurate and timely paid to a taxpayer. Gymnastic Club, the tax on both the accuracy of the tax administration is known and appreciated by the public very clearly, "explains made.

Here are details of the agreement funding

Besiktas in a statement, Almedia, details of the transfer became clear:

* Sports, Werder Bremen 2 million euros to pay for the transfer of Almeida.

* Almeida after the transfer agreement, the board of a company abroad in the Almeida's federative rights of the economic rights of participation to 45 percent of the bid for the 2 million euro payment was accepted and the contract was signed between the parties.

* The player's transfer to another club in case of economic rights arising from the transfer fee was agreed that payment of 45 percent of the fund.

* The player's contract with Besiktas in the end of the release of the amount the company pays an annual interest of 10 per cent to be paid back.

* Besiktas player's contract is extended by the company paying back the amount paid annual interest of 10 per cent can be taken back to the player's economic rights.

To accept the transfer offer from Besiktas for * the player but they do not receive the company's case despite the realization of the transfer, the company's response to the economic rights to be paid a minimum of 4.5 million euros. Player transfer offer from Besiktas for the refusal, but if the company accepts the offer of transfer to the fund by paying 45 percent of the economic rights can be taken back.

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