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Friday, December 31, 2010

Date record was broken!

Car left in stock!
Date record was broken! History of the Republic in 2005, sold 723 thousand vehicles sales record was broken. The next 4 years tutturulamadı this level was reached even in 2008 under 500 thousand units. This year, sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicle record has scored out of 750 thousand units. 140-150 thousand vehicles sold in December, stocks run out.

The Turkish automotive sector in 2010 wrote a history. That occur at the level of 750 thousand pieces of historical record sales of passenger car and light commercial vehicles was signed. The previous record belonged to 2005 piece per 723 thousand people. Meet the hours before the new year, at 20.00 more than the tax offices the largest automotive sales mesailerini history of the Republic formally ending the tescillenecek.

0 percent interest rates, reductions in excess of ten thousand pounds up to the back of the many advantages of the automotive brands in the wind of its campaign, until the evening of 31 December 2005 of 120 thousand units in sales force planning, the year before the "record" came the news. Companies, but sales this month aimed at reaching 150-160 thousand 120-130 thousand pieces, figure went to customs. Even if all the tools of their stocks over the brands on display in the showroom or even sold. Behindhand enterprise customers demand, by 2011 was well. Revival of economic life, the normalization of credit markets, strong output signals from the crisis, the euro and low interest rates on vehicle loans dropped to below 1 per cent, was acting kırmasında record sales.

On Wednesday as the General Manager of Renault Mais Ibrahim Aybar sales reached 135 thousand pieces of information that reaches the level of historical sales record was broken and said, "Coming to the traditions of December from 150 to 160 thousand. In fact, stocks still ended up in some models. Well as our customers are writing for 2011. Will be moving in the months of January and February, "he said.

Vatan newspaper reported Tansu'nun Mete, Aybar, said: "The Turkish automotive market by 2005 is back. We exit the sector as a rolling, but we want a stable market. In 2011 the market think that life would continue. Sunday will take place at least at this level. "Kia, Lada brand and distributor of Geely Motor General Manager of Steel Bora Kocak, 140-150 thousand pieces, the sale will take place in December, he said. Kocak, due to popular demand kalmadığını hand tool, customers first quarter of next year, said that day that they have. Kocak, in 2011, also said they expect a similar automotive market and added: "The market is at the level of 750-800 thousand traditions."

Toyota Turkey Ali Haydar Bozkurt, CEO of the "broken record, but could be even higher. In December, 175 companies had enough stock in the hands of customs was provided Millennium "was release.

Hundreds of new employees for customer showrooms were filled

Waiting for record sales in December, automotive companies, the demand has been mobilized to respond to almost. Caught unprepared in the face of expectations on sales and stocks depleted performing brands, factories in order to order rained. In fact, companies in other countries to educate their customers to the car, even the route of the ships turned to Turkey. Automotive dealers to respond to the customers showroom'lara received hundreds of new employees. The Bank also raised the loan limits for safeguards.

Long queues formed, the tax offices today at 20.00 to open up

Taşarken showrooms full of customers, tax authorities in these last days of the year was almost teyakkuza. Prevention of long queues at tax offices, in order to provide convenience to taxpayers, tax offices during office hours extended in big cities with MTV. Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Adana and Bursa province centers Duty Motor Vehicles (MTV) authorized to collect the tax departments, today as yesterday was at 20.00 up to be kept open. Other districts in the provincial centers and the tax charged on MTV or defterdars by the Heads of Tax Administration offices at 20.00 can be kept open until specified.

MTV register now to avoid paying extra, delivery January 2011
Tax departments in the long queues on the day of the last 3-4 years, due to citizens who want to avoid paying extra MTV. Early application process that requires the reason it works is as follows: Dealer, and Private Consumption Tax to be paid to consumer purchase faturalıyor vehicle registration, applying for traffic. However, in January, the delivery of the car performs. Thus, the receiver for the car delivered in January 2010 and 2011, the year of getting rid of the first pair to pay MTV MTV is paying the installments. If he had taken delivery on December consumer tool, if the previous period would have had to pay in the January-June MTV'sini.

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