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Friday, December 31, 2010

57 thousand prisoner release excitement

57 thousand 171 prisoners in prisons and detention time limit went into effect today CMK'nın 102 planted eye to

Defendants in excess of the maximum detention period could be evacuated.

Article 102 of the regulation will go into effect today, limiting the CMK'nin ARREST times have led to the Supreme Court and local courts' excitement over the evacuation of 57 thousand 171 prisoner "automatic release" the hope was born. Special cases the competent courts in Istanbul, including facing Ergenekon, Ankara, Diyarbakir and up to a maximum detention period to examine ex officio of all courts, prisoner files more cezavinde account that they will be able to evacuate all the defendants.

Supreme Court examined the

Terms wear if the defendants in the Ergenekon case will review the appeal, terrorism, damage to property crimes, such as viewing the 9th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, 178 prisoners examined the file downloaded off the shelf. Apartment, property damage is under arrest on charges for more than 1 year and 13 days of the emergence of a defendant sentenced to prison, even onansa fax evacuated the previous day. Circle, a special court authorized the defendants on trial for a maximum detention period is 4 years, 10 years is an example of the decision will be. Criminal Court of Appeals in the General Assembly and the Council of Presidents in the last period of a maximum of arrest is made in the consultation, the concerns of organized crimes Ergenekon sanıklarını detention period of 10 years and not 4 to outweigh the opinion that a more accurate account specified. When there is a binding decision, Article 102 of CCP which account is correct about the decision set an example will be given today.

Minimum 4 years of detention

Lawyer Turgut Kazan editing, made the following reviews: "Special task within its sphere of authority of the courts are wrong on the duration of arrest for certain crimes. Some lawyers, CMK'nin 252 / in accordance with Article 2 of these crimes, the normal period of 4, 6-year extensions, would be a total prison term of 10 years. CMK'de prescribed period of detention, according to the most is 2 years, 2 times for 4 years of this period. And 102 of the 2nd sentence of Article 2 of the intended 3-year ceiling to be exceeded, an extension can be made also. Day of December 31, with a heavy penalty of detention time jobs up to 3 years, a special task within its sphere of authority of the courts of certain offenses to 4 years. "

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