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Friday, December 31, 2010

'Deniz Günay Minister was not close friends'

Ulucanlar Prison while visiting the Maritime Museum
Gezmiş'in very close friend, saying that the answer came Gezmiş'ten Minister Günay Bora. Marine Gezmiş'in brother, VATAN'a, "Ertugrul Günay'la Sea were not close friends. Deniz Ertuğrul Günay I have not seen any side by side, who have also said, "

Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay, the Ankara Ulucanlar Prison toured the museum the previous day. At the entrance to the gallows "inside reaped," said Minister Gunay, who were executed in prison in the Sea Gezmiş'in faculty recognizes that a friend told me. Minister Gunay asked him "Were you in the sea close friends Gezmiş'le the question of" if, "Yes, very close tanışırdık" he said. Günay answer this description, however, 68 generation legend Gezmiş'ten Bora Beach Gezmiş'in brother arrived. Traveled to Bora, when we said:

* NO SIDE SINCE GÖREN: Ertugrul Günay'la Sea were not close friends. If they would not have been so close. Never passed to the front of many relatives of the Sea. Ertugrul Gunay, Sea may have been close but it did not have an entourage or something. Sea tanımamamız our closest friends is not possible. Currently there is a 68 with most of my theme. Mustafa İlker Gürkan 6-7 is the best among them al-person group. My best friend was killed in the Kızıldere Alptekin'di Cihan. I always lived under threat for gezmezdi never alone. Cihan food they eat has been a lot Alptekin'le come to our house. Ertugrul Deniz Günay'la I've never seen side by side. Colleagues who do not have another already.

* Leftism questioned: 68'tir cause many people to come somewhere. None of 68 Without duyulmazdı name. There are a lot of debt to 68 people, including Ertuğrul Günay. Even if this had not happened today, 68 kötüleyenler what would have come somewhere in the press nor in politics. There is a familiarity with me Günay'la Ertugrul. Ertugrul Bey to that time, however, is questionable leftism.

* ACCOUNTS TURED: a legend of the sea. For example, someone says go 'visit to Denizli stayed with us, amcamlarda lay' but I do not remember ever going to Denizli Sea. Many people like that 'when it comes to our village, so her mother ısınmıştı' says things like. We break in 'very good' glad 'call. We know, however, not go to places mentioned.

* MAMAK MORE IMPORTANT: The Sea, Ulucanlar Prison, was brought only to be executed. Mamak means a lot to us. The case remained there throughout. The museum will be opened by citizens in the Mamak Prison. More great pain and torture took place there. Mamak was hanged on into the night sea. We went to visit exceeding one day before the Mamak. On May 5, 1972 Keep up to us a lame excuse to come tomorrow, 'they said. In fact the decision taken on that day put to death.

"Parkas and boots are still at home"

6 May 1972 after the execution was delivered to his family's personal belongings. Bora traveled "little brother in my original letter written by the Sea. Sea prison parkas, boots and foot, jacket and sweater is still on me. I'm saving them in my own home. These articles do not intend to donate to a museum, "he says.

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