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Friday, December 31, 2010

Moshe Katsav was found guilty of rape

In 2007 due to allegations of rape on the imaging-
Revine former Israeli president Moshe Katsav was forced to resign, was found guilty yesterday. 4-16 years in prison to sleep

One of the most important trials in the country yesterday resulted in Israel's history and a president for the first time the path seemed to prison, as well as an infamous crime ... Between 2000-2007 served as president of Israel Moshe Katsav, the Ministry of Tourism and the rape of women by Aleph in 1998, working alongside the presidential period, two employees were found guilty of abuse. However, Katsav, the Israeli women, even after he complained of the media başsavcısıyla "indecent proposal" made a deal described as a return to institute a lawsuit against his chair and said it was ready to drop.

The judge spoke of the heavy

In fact, Katsav, 2007, released by the council for a period of 3 months after the reception as the left says. But things did not go as expected at all. About the continued harassment and rape cases, and 3-year judicial process yesterday resolved. 2 women dominated the 3-person delegation, the Iranian-born 65-year-old Katsav'ın, "Women in their requests along with me was that" defense "is full of lies convulsions" as described. Decision of the judge who read George Karra, "found in the defendant's statements unreliable, while the complainant was credible statements about the rape suffered by the office and hotel room. Claiming that its own claim with the consent of the relationship also understood to have been unfounded. The accused, who claims to be inconsistent behavior Aleph'in efforts to withdraw the complaint by calling witnesses to a broken reed çöpününki provided benefits. Trapped in the way of a reason to doubt the claims that were not defamatory, "he said.

His wife did the hearing

Lawyers for the court, together with his son and brother of the partner's absence from the Katsav'ın next 42 years, he noted. Reading of the decision, the court room and women's rights activists in protests in front of their building rose to cries of joy. His face looks pale Katsav'ın, the decision to shake his head incredulously heard reported. Katsav'ın also stated that rested on a wall to hold up. Escape abroad in case of appeal to the Supreme Court will apply for a passport confiscated Katsav, Israeli lawyers, but according to the prison sentence is inevitable. Haaretz newspaper, the decision a "difficult for Israel, but Israel is a great day for justice. Israelis, the right to rape the number 1 was free. Katsav is a disgrace to Israeli democracy, "he commented. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the decision "a sad day for the state of Israel," he said.

I made a sex slave!

Aleph'İN leaked to the press statement:
I'm too sexy, he said. At 7:30 to call my house asking about what to wear while working. "Under the Skirt wear underwear or not," he said. Sits in the seat and pulls out his penis at the office would call me. Leave off the job to translate my life into hell, he said. I went back. I was having forcibly. I felt like Katsav'ın sex slaves.

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