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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ibrahim Sahin, unless the akıllıymış

Forensic Medicine Institute, for special harekatçı Ibrahim Sahin 'criminal responsibility and not a full' report drew back from the direction of
Ibrahim Sahin, unless the Council of Forensic Medicine akıllıymış evening, according to newspaper reports, for special harekatçı Ibrahim Sahin 'criminal responsibility and is not exactly' in the direction withdrew from the report. The Authority was involved in 9 months later he realized Şahin file to another file, the defendant

Forensic Medicine Department on the scandal, the scandal unfolds. In recent years, his mistakes and late reports from the Forensic Medicine Institute on the agenda, the Ergenekon case, this time accused the former special harekatçı Ibrahim Sahin 'criminal responsibility and not a full' report on that has scored a major scandal. Ergenekon trial facing 13 Sahin before Criminal Court 'no barrier to remain in jail' report in the direction of the institution that 'there is a conflict between the two reports as "text to send and re-asked for an evaluation, an incredible error has occurred. The Agency, for his examination last March from Falcon 'criminal responsibility is not complete' report is given over the documents mistakenly Kadikoy Courthouse trial has detected another sanığının file. Forensic Medicine, wanted to return to the court file, the error of letting Şahin.


Istanbul 13 Ibrahim Sahin Assize Court at the request of the Forensic Medicine Institute on 24 February 2010 4 Board of Trade had been examined. Report prepared by the Forensic Medicine Institute 'as a result of the interpretation of the obtained information and evidence, touching on criminal responsibility and the free movement of people and reduce the nature of consciousness and degree of mental defect was detected in the so-called organic personality disorder, when he committed the crimes mentioned legal meaning and consequences of the act and this act of perception with respect to the ability to reduce the size of the routing behavior is understood to be under the influence of this mental defect, according to the situation where offenses against the defendant on January 7, 2009 Ibrahim Sahin, criminal responsibility shall be considered by full consensus that 'denilmişti.


Forensic Medicine, who noticed the error, 4 Ergenekon trial on December 16 in 2010 overlooking the 13th Board of Trade Review by the High Criminal Court Kadikoy 3 Magistrates' Criminal Court trial of another accused file 'inadvertently' merged with Ibrahim Sahin said warrant, the report said withdrawn. The Authority's article, 'The court declared that it is a warrant has reached our institution, but the overall recording unit Kadikoy 3 Magistrates' Court file inadvertently mahkemenizin warrant issued by the Department of Trade has been determined by combining the observation. Accordingly, the case file, never reached our institution considering all the medical documents to the person viewing the file in order to observe the Department of Forensic Medicine Specialized Observation supply of information to be sent to you 'was said.

Paradoxically TWO REPORT

4 NAMED Medicine Board of Trade from the 'criminal liability is not a full' report in the form of viewing Istanbul 13 High Criminal Court in November 2009, the forensic Şahin 'health status are not barriers to remain in jail' report that is a contradiction, and it wanted to eliminate. Ibrahim Sahin, the Court observed in the observation under the Department of Trade wants to prepare a report on whether re-examination of the scandal emerged. Viewing files in the court's attention focused on the conflict of Forensic Medicine, Ibrahim Sahin report issued by mistake Kadikoy 3 Criminal Court of Peace report was given on the trial of another defendant file set.

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