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Friday, December 31, 2010

Turkey has drawn on the cause?

FC Nuremberg teams played in the Bundesliga football player of Turkish origin Ilkay Gundogdu, why in the national team announced that Germany would prefer ..

Ilkay Gundogdu clarified the choice of the public a much-debated national team ..

And to him is the signature of young players, published outlining the reason for selecting a gap-filling test, Germany national team 20-year-old football player, in every age category, since the form used for wearing the national team from Germany said that their preference.
Ilkay 's statement on the draw against Turkey in the last sentence, while taking great care, this movement of young players have made a choice that clearly showed that only about football career.


Transfer to Galatasaray in Turkey in December, as well as several clubs in Germany and the name referred to the world-famous English Premier League club Manchester United also claimed to have been followed by Ilkay, next season is about the sentence "I just want to play football as" completed .

Who is your favorite football player?

Ilkay Gundogdu, 'playstation'da favorite soccer player in a sentence, as Nuri Sahin completed by drawing on the PlayStation. National football player, had previously stated that the example of Nuri Sahin.

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