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Friday, December 31, 2010

'intervening çekilsinler'

Gökçek'ten words upset people Izmir
Ankara Mayor Melih, 2020 EXPO is certainly right in Ankara said, "will take what we have right. Izmir and Turkey on this issue has remained in the classroom has the right to live a second defeat. Çekilsinler intervening," he said. In his written statement in Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, replaced by another international event to focus on Ankara's EXPO 2020 in Izmir and Izmir said it would be the biggest supporter. Kocaoglu, Gökçek'in, Izmir's candidacy for EXPO, "Izmir has enjoyed, did not work at all, but everyone played a separate wire" statements in the form of "yakışmadığını a mayor," said.

New Year's Eve this year and next year as well as for evaluating the goals and projects demonstrating MAG, answered the questions of AA correspondent.

Stating that they closed a successful 2010 with MAG, the numerous projects throughout the year, especially with the Haci Bayram Mosque, and around Ankara Urban Regeneration Project, said that the renovations continued rapidly.

MAG, still within this year a new pipeline and the capital Ankara Kurtbogazi Dam with a decent living by expressing kazandırıldığını Sports Hall in Ankara, as well as they do 2 water treatment plant, as well as most of the natural gas buses are passed to the system reported.

These are important steps for the Voicing a city MAG, and not intentions to stay in the capital in 2011, said Will Do is a very important projects.

EXPO 2020 is the biggest target next year, indicating that MAG, yesterday Governor's Office building was taken important steps on this issue and stated that a meeting was done.

Izmir's EXPO the chance of trying, but it maintains that good kullanamadığını MAG, said: "EXPO 2020 will certainly Ankara's right and what is right. Izmir and Turkey on this issue has remained in the classroom has the right to live a second defeat. Intervening çekilsinler . I have tried before, but the race kaptırdılar Milan. Mr. President's support had not been so alamazlardı vote.

Now it's definitely us. Expo 2020 too would like to receive.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a province of our country to elect and then go and compete in this regard. Ankara's chances are very high. 2010 Expo organizer Mayor Han Zheng Shangay'ın my very close friend. Mr. Zheng at passersby were there and to me, 'Be a candidate for EXPO as they get you. If you are a candidate, I'll do the propaganda in the international arena in Ankara said.

Shanghai, won the sympathy of the whole world is a good organization and so we have a clear support. Izmir's no such a chance. No longer be a candidate for re-thinking. In this regard the support of all Ankaralılar'ın look. "

MAG President, among the targets of 2011, one of the largest projects in the IT valley to Ankara, he said.

In all the studies and reports prepared, the most suitable place for IT Valley, suggesting that MAG is in Ankara, "such as the work of this project have taken to Kocaeli, but this is not true. Industry and Trade Minister Nihat Ergun, is Kocaeli'li Valley Information wants to build there, but this is very wrong. This is not the right thing for Turkey's economy. I believe that just because our party in this sense does not make an investment and to facing the lens acts as oral. I believe that this issue reports to show the New Jersey IT Valley will be in Ankara, "he said.

Referring to the MAG transportation projects, to this day life spent largely solved the problem of access to the capital projects, but not satisfied with working for larger projects, he added.

The new bus, tram, metro, such as studies about the MAG has continued, the Metropolitan Council's transportation reported that continuous damage.

Collect and transfer of today will determine access to the hike UKOME'nin MAG, "10 million pounds per month would hurt. This, of course not cover them all, but at least a portion of this hike can turn off. The most expensive transportation is also in Ankara have unwarranted criticism. Ankara the full cost of the ticket price is actually 1.50 pounds but everyone says that our only binişlik biletimizin.

One is based on him and everybody binişlik cost 1.85 pounds. It also removes the know.

In addition, the system board instead of working on different systems.

But I will look at what happens later when the cards have been focusing on the touch, "he said.

Ankara is now very well expressed the need for a fair MAG, EXPO 2020, stressing the need for a major trade fair.

MAG definitely solve the problem of exhibition space in the city next year, stating that, in this regard is preparing the project, said the trade fair is set in place.

Turning to the fair on the Airport road on the left side of the plot to use Akyurt'a about MAG, 50 thousand square meters, open in the first place, 50 thousand square meters closed area, begin the trade fair, to be provided in the hotels will be told to 1 million 600 thousand square meters.

"After 6 months you will see a completely different in Ankara," said MAG, very big concern of all New Jersey are preparing a project, but said it söylemeyeceklerini 6 months ago. MAG, prepared by "secret project", saying that a project could only visually.


Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, replaced by another international event to focus on Ankara's EXPO 2020 in Izmir and Izmir announced that it would be the biggest supporter.

Kocaoglu, in his written statement, the Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek'in, Izmir's candidacy for EXPO, "Izmir has enjoyed, did not work at all, but everyone played a separate wire" statements in the form of "yakışmadığını a mayor," said.

Izmir, will shape the future sees as an important project and will continue to resolutely adopt the EXPO journey stressed Kocaoglu, said: "Izmir, a city known very closely and recognized by the delegation of the EXPO. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Shanghai Expo 2010 event caused major Stands, a full 6 months, our city is very important for the candidacy of 2020 carried out a publicity move. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on the wish that the decision of the Assembly of the EXPO 2020 candidacy, all power, opposition parties, has seen great support. Similarly, a decision context, London Development Agency was also by. Izmir business and Economic Development and Coordination Committee consisting of representatives of civil society organizations, last summer sent letters to Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, underlined the commitment on the EXPO 2020 candidacy. " Kocaoglu of Izmir, the nomination process by sending delegations of the four corners of the world, serious lobbying efforts by hosting Expo delegates, doing inventory of these studies, is also available in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

Turkish, "The early bird gets the way" reminiscent of the proverb that Kocaoglu, the description has included the following statements: "We as Izmir, Ankara, much ahead of the race for the EXPO. 2015 from the day of voting, as if it never lost this race and believe that such work. 2020 are working on the planning. every opportunity to speak out, helped shape the minds and instead of working to bring people face, we prefer to progress toward the target firm and sure steps. polemics and take care not to enter into the discourse of pollution. Ankara and Mr Gökçek'e advise them Locate another international event on the concentrations of his. In such a case, the biggest supporters, I want to believe from the heart of Izmir and Izmir will be. "

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