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Friday, December 31, 2010

Kılıçdaroğlu'nun water, if necessary, cut the bread in her country drive them away

State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, the evening before his meeting with the press in the economy of the country's economy in the world and have made important considerations. Babacan, the AK Party government in explaining the success of the economy provided the main opposition party CHP's General Administrator Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu'na found in the references.

Babacan said: "The CHP, the main opposition party, that is, those in power to be an alternative. However, Allah does not market its commitments seriously, or rather does not react much to not see them as an alternative to power. If the CHP market in the coming period would see an alternative to power, instant fırlardı interest rates. "

Minister Babacan See trying to say. We know the economy and state administration. CHP Administrator Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu the economy, the state administration does not understand something. CHP vote if the next election, the economy collapses, we vote for him to continue.

Babacan yakışmadı

One must accept the truth. During the AK Party government, together with the IMF to implement the government planted the previous 57th and successfully implemented economic stabilization program was continued with determination. The AK Party government does not compromise the success of the program, so that helped. The 2001 crisis, as well as being prepared to take classes in the banking sector crisis, thanks to the Government's uncompromising control of the 2008 crisis did not take very big wound.

The AK Party government during the 8-year macro-economic indicators, there are indicators to look at the good, the bad going. Inflation is falling, as well. Unemployment not falling, bad. Growth was still good, the bad current account deficit scares. Exports growing well, the internal and external debt continues to rise, bad. To understand what everything is very good, not too bad.

Babacan is certainly good indicators highlight the consequences of 8-year applications. Because politics demands it. Moreover, after 6 months of the election. The government wants to use the economy trump the economy, the Minister responsible for defense of it falls Babacan. Babacan praised his achievements with their own applications provided by natural or mention. However, an alternative to the ruling of the main opposition party leader's words as I was the Minister Babacan yakışmadı and misfortune.

Ali Babacan, finds himself an experienced and successful, the CHP leader, according to him the inexperienced, so failed to predict. O Turkish people, we are bringing to say that everything we know very well, the main opposition knows. You give not vote for us, if the CHP and the CHP comes to power in the world of Turkish economy and premium economy will not collapse.

The success of the Prime Minister

CHP Administrator Kemal Kılçdaroğlu'na these words, Prime Minister Erdogan says take off your hat. Erdogan's got experience because the Metropolitan Municipality. Have experience in both state and local government. Today, it is also am one who believes that if you have a success, this success is the success of Prime Minister Erdogan.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu out of that class' O Baba, you are running your father's draper's shop, is the state administration did not know, I've been working at all levels of government. Moreover, units of the economy have been the top-level positions. Economics and management of the state saying I know more than you stick around, because you are unaware of the economy and state administration. No worries, I am better than you handle 'is wrong happens? It is best Kılıçdaroğlu'nun and water, and cut the bread. Even if I drive them away from this country.

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