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Friday, December 31, 2010

Phones for free!

Teyzeni Australia, Germany dayını celebrate the new year call, a telephone allowance payment ...
Phones for free! Turkish Telecom New Year's gift exaggerated. Turk Telekom, the constant search, constant application of previously free, free mobile phones and international calls to the campaign. The right to free speech today morning at 19.00 from
Will continue for 12 hours ...

Turk Telekom won any money in the Assembly Christmas speech will be the most intense traffic. Before Christmas and the feast days of the clients 'free' speech to recognize the right of Turk Telekom, has increased the size of this year's gift. Free speech is a domestic fixed landline phone call from the phone line as well as any GSM operator and, more importantly, to the overseas calls.

Free home and business phones in 36 countries identified by the campaign with a free can talk.

(Vatan's note: Please Note Do not miss the campaign does not include overseas GSM phones.)

Turk Telekom, December 31, 2010 at 19:00 from, 1 January 2011 07.00 until the house local, long distance, the first stage ululararası home and business phones also can be free of all domestic mobile phone calls.

'We saw the opportunity to New Year'

To add more value to the lives of its customers stating that they saw as a New Year opportunity Erem Demircan President of Marketing and Communications of Turk Telekom, in relation to the 12-hour campaign, said:

"Christmas is the busiest traffic of speech, on special occasions such as holidays, for more campaigns are created. Therefore, by 2011 when entering our clients wanted to give a nice Christmas present. Free Campaign limits from 7 to 7 of the popular first-tier domestic and international fixed calls to mobile phones have expanded to include the. Campaign is, our customers enjoy this special day, even in the most distant relatives with their loved ones and try to make sure konuşabilmelerini. "

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