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Friday, December 31, 2010

Television is the owner!

Television is the owner! In recent years, the rating of each business blockbuster Ilıcalı Acun, soon to be the owner of the channel. Karamehmet Group, approximately $ 25 million for debt Ilıcalı'ya, 'Show Plus channel, said to be offered to

* Acun Ilıcalı, programs for many years his name announced on the TV show. Ilıcalı, channels gave large sums of money, has added his own fortune in the fortune.
* However, the owner of the channel Karamehmet Group, the staff working within the media organizations will receive a salary and was not to or did pay in installments.
* Ilıcalı, bond, saying that this process did not take the cost of some programs.
* According to the claim, for $ 25 million in cash found inside Ilıcalı. Karamehmet Group Ilıcalı'ya other channels at this stage, 'Show me a move suggested Plus. Pre-interview the parties involved got up from the table happy. Last kararsa after Christmas up to the interview.

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