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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"mini ice age" on the road

Britain's meteorological experts, the public, "a mini-ice age," warned to be ready.

Europe for a long time already grappling with a cold and snowy air. But the weather reports more soğuyacağını British weather forecasters, 327 years is similar to the days before the cold weather at the door say that the frozen river Thames.

According to the Daily Mail reports that the weather forecasters, this winter "mini-ice age," say it may take until the middle of March.

Weather forecaster Brian Gaze, January and February the average cold will pass, said the weather would not be surprised it took until mid-March.

Michael Ian Waite in the hearth of Meteorology experts expect that the average cold, within a short period of time in getting out of this mini-ice age does not appear likely he said.

In the winter of 1683-84, on the frozen River Thames puppet shows, fairs, organized, made of horse races, played bowling, street vendors had the bench.

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