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Friday, December 31, 2010

Turkey opens ports, barrier lifted

Progress reports on Turkey's EU entry ports to Greek Cypriot administration on the opening titles of the most important development took place in a surprise. Here are the details ...

Turkey, the Greek in southern ports, and in return for the opening chapters of negotiations with the European Union reached a compromise in the direction of the removal of obstacles. In case of acceptance in the Greek Cypriot Administration, beliritliyor can enter the formula in the coming months to implement.

Turkey, the most important obstacle to overcome the lock that the process of negotiating with the European Union reached a compromise.

14 years sought a formula to overcome the problem of preventing the opening of the title of the negotiation, as a result of joint work with the Belgian presidency of the European Commission found.

According to the consensus reached in his NTV, Turkey's from Istanbul to Izmir is a sea port or opening the covers Greek-flagged ships. Avoid the problem in Turkey's first application, then all the other sea ports, airports and air space is expected to open in Cyprus.

In return, the 8 acquis suspended in December 2009 with the title on the Greek side as a unilateral decision to veto the sixth title to open unconditional negotiations.


Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus in the European countries, according to a consensus, albeit limited, charter flights can be made.

Ankara, for a total of 14 negotiating a written guarantee to disconnect the new barriers in front of the title says.


However, the European Union, Cyprus is now to implement this formula is waiting for final approval.

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