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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fuel taxes, a good bad news

Attended by Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, a television program, evaluated the increase in fuel prices. Lightning is a good and bad news about fuel taxes gave. Sims gave the Kurdish new year message

Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, petroleum products, crude oil prices and the exchange rate price increase is entirely due to the increase, said: "Tax dimension of oil products this year, we did not raise a penny. In 2011 will be made to raise a penny. If we want to continue this process, "he said.

Finance Minister lightning, fuel oil products in Turkey with the participation of his / her opinion on the tax burden is high, he said. But the size of the gasoline tax a penny hike the last 1 years, Sims has not been recorded, an increase in taxes in 2011 also reiterated öngörülmediğini.

Represents the effective tax burden will fall as gasoline and motorindeki Finance Minister, said:

"By now the tax burden of around 64.8 percent. In 2002 this ratio was equal to 70.3 percent. 2002, 100 pounds would buy gasoline, it was 70 pounds to the Treasury. Today, I receive 100 pounds of gasoline is 65 pounds to the Treasury. Turkey has to import oil with the remaining countries, between 50-55 percent of diesel fuel products, the tax burden, around 60 percent gasoline.

Crude oil, on the last day of 2002 was $ 28. Today is over $ 90. International oil prices have a development here is very important and unfortunately there against us. Setup is also very important. On the one hand but on the other hand says exporter lira exchange rate appreciation of the dollar, oil prices rise because of rising prices is reflected in the pump, even though no tax increase. Be the source of the recent public debate. Both the rising oil prices and the exchange rate rose. This discussion inevitably brings with it a raise. "


Finance Minister lightning, fuel oil will decrease the tax burden on the question of how well, by spreading the tax base, it said gerçekleştireceklerini.

Last few years, the Ministry of Finance did not give any statement, but seriously stating that rental income obtained in the 540 thousand new resident Sims, continued intensive efforts in this direction noted.

Particularly in many areas, including corporate and income taxes reduced tax rates, minimum wage up from almost the tax, the VAT from 18 percent in many industries fell about 8 percent of the Lightning, "the tax burden on gasoline and diesel fell. Artırmadığımız taxes for this year will continue to fall. Tax rate of price decline will continue, "he said.

Lightning striking Turkey is dependent on foreign petroleum products, said:

"International oil prices, exchange rate movements will be very critical. But the size of the tax in 2011 will be made to raise a penny of fuel products. Made in the last 1 year. If we want to continue this process. But it brings a serious burden in rebate. Or download and borçlanacaksınız it broadens the tax base or the current state of the consumer yansıtacaksınız resume. Our goal 2 option. In this way we maintained the stability of both Turkey and the low level of interest would be maintained. These are not easy choices. But this option is correct. I need to realize that making long-term populism.

In 2002, the lowest salary of a civil servant, 21 of percent of salary yatırıyordu a gasoline tank. Today, 14.5 percent of the minimum salary of the salary of an officer I can get with petrol in a warehouse. High tax burden, but both the minimum wage, have the lowest purchasing power in this regard seriously increased the salaries of civil servants. We assume that taxes are high. Are in the effort to reduce. So artırmıyoruz. Yaydıkça tax base that the coming period, rolling out. In this regard we are successful in Europe, the order will change dramatically. We will start to fall down the rankings. "


Finance Minister lightning, various taxes and charges made under the revaluation rate of 7.7 percent for an increase, "a routine thing. This is the upgrade, "he said.

Reminiscent of some goods and services received lump-sum tax Sims, "for example, will receive a passport, let's say as an example of the carrying cost of 50 pounds. No artırmasanız 2011, the value of the tax falls. There are 7-8 per cent inflation rate in the country. No artırmasanız excises, the real value of your tax revenue is falling. At least until inflation is to increase your taxes, tax revenue and you get housing, "he said.

"Prudent central bankers MUST BE"

Minister Simsek, Central Bank Governor Durmus Yilmaz, "public finance discipline is necessary. Be prudent, be prudent, be cautious, "explanations of the shape of the evaluated.

Sims stated that a requirement of public administration is being cautious, said:

"Especially in the Central Bankers will be absolutely prudent. Continuing the optimism so, what kind of problems may be with them, how to manage başedilebilir approach. This is a very reasonable approach. Of course, monetary policy, the country is not enough to solve the problems alone does not bring success. Monetary policies, fiscal policies and structural reforms in support of a healthy growth of the country and will win a lasting stability. We're doing it.

We are committed as a government, (in 2011, the budget deficit to GDP ratio of 2.8 percent 's The decrease) is called. This is a commitment. Mr. Yilmaz pointed out that this is the issue. Monetary policy, fiscal policy is a serious supported, the country will continue its way in a healthy way. The Central Bank is by nature to be cautious. I normally karşılarım it. "


Lightning, Bag also reiterated that the bill contained an amnesty arrangements.

In principle, stating that he is against aflara Simsek, amnesties violated tax compliance, tax obligations of citizens to bring a negative impact on the disciplinary process, he said.

31 arrangement was made between the years 1924-2002 with financial oblivion Sims noted, the principal amount of the tax receipt of the new configuration, the inflation rate until the update is done or even said.

"I'm hopeful FOR THE YEAR 2011"

Minister lightning, "Do you have grounds to be hopeful next year?" On the question of the shape, is hopeful that next year, he said.

Very nice and a good year of 2010 for Turkey stated that Simsek, Turkey's positive decomposed over the world in 2010, recording strong growth, excluding all balances in the current account deficit improved, said that Turkey's yıldızlaşarak year out of the crisis.

Of 2011, growth at a reasonable level, the expectations around 4.5 to 5 percent will continue, some decline in unemployment, low interest rates will be watching, investment, public investment needs of the country last year, stating there would be a done at the speed of lightning, "I'm hopeful for the year 2011 and in terms of democracy both in terms of economy of 2011 I believe will pass very beautiful, "he said.


Minister of Finance, the program also said that his views on football. Fenerbahce supporter of the Lightning, "You know, last year's championship had lost the last match. I hope I win this year's final match. But Besiktas was a very nice transfers. Indeed, in the coming year seem to start well, "he said.

He reminded the cabinet that the Kurdish-speaking one of the few ministers in the Kurdish Minister lightning, the "Happy New Year, giving the message" He concluded.

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