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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ahmet Altan chose the man of the year

Last year, Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoğlu Today's Zaman editors have chosen the man of the year, this year, the Party newspaper, Executive Editor Ahmet Altan '' man of the year 'chose.

Today's Zaman editors, last year, Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoğlu 'man of the year' had chosen.

'Man of the Year' ranking of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Ali Babacan, Minister of Transportation and CHP Administrator Kemal Yıldırım Kılıçdaroğlu was a finalist names. Man of the Year, the editors of this list were made by democratic vote.

Today's Zaman Executive Editor Bulent tick, why they choose Ahmet Altan gave the following answer that question: "In countries like Turkey's contribution to society, often in life people are not very appreciated. We wanted to civilization in the last few years, and this gives great support to democratization and emancipation direction, showing great courage Party newspaper, the founder and Editor in Chief Ahmet Altan Let us appreciate the country as a broadcaster. "

Party in mind that most of the script, published columnist Ahmet Altan 'Listen, General Basbug titled' Today's Zaman article indicating that the editors, "Altan not bow to the typeface, the unorthodox to the Turkish press. Altan attention to criticize soldiers, EC back did not stop criticizing the party in power. Dağlıca Aktütün'de soldiers were martyred and then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the army account çekememekle Party, 'Paşasının prime minister' had taken the form of headlines. " commented.

Prosecuted and imprisoned several times because of the ideas about the author's son Ahmet Altan Cetin Altan, for 20 years worked in different positions in the media sector. 301, 2008 Armenian incidents because of the article: substances tried. Was fired in 1995 because of the article titled Atakürt çaptırıldı and 1.5 years in prison. Punishment was postponed by the court. A total of 100 years in prison for writings about Altan Taraf'taki many cases were filed against the request.

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