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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sports Formica'yı ends

Sports management has accelerated the work of the camp who want to train the new transfers. Newells Old Boys in Argentina the press yellow-shirt wearing kırmızılıların reached an agreement on everything with Mauro Formica wrote. Galatasaray Real Betisli Emana continuing insistence.

Argentine sports newspaper Ole Diario, Newells Old Boys'ta Galatasaray midfielder Mauro Formica player announces the near end of the transfer.

Football manager Fabian Basualdo, yellow-red club had agreed on everything, you could win officially announced the transfer at any time.

Newells Old Boys manager Claudio Bieler Galatasaray, Mauro Formica also said the proposed fee to $ 4 million letter of recommendation.

Argentine press "cat" dubbed Formica'ya club River Plate is the suitor, but the players wanted to wear uniform in Europe, wrote that for the preferred Galatasaray.

Newells Old Boys'ta since 2007 played in 21-year-old midfielder, a striker is able to line of duty.

Yellow-red and the other name of the club's interest in Real Betis'ten Achille Emana ...

Galatasaray, who gave up on the agenda at the beginning of the season due to injury Anderlechtli Biglia'dan Cameroonian midfielder for the talks started again. Spain 2 28-year-old football player playing in the struggling League Betis'te transfer of 6.5 million euros in the summer because of the cost gerçekleşememişti testimonial. Emana'yı Hagi'nin insisted the club wants to contract until 2013, acting on a yellow-red, administrators noted that transfer a large stage.

Real Betis Club testimonial price reductions due to financial problems go, to go to Galatasaray Emana'nın also among the hot looks from the news ...

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okan Uluışık 4 hours ago

if you do not need to come galatasaraya Emana emenikeden emanayla emenikenin understood the mountain is a good football player
Koray Ozdemir 4 hours ago

Also criticize how many people watched this guy? National team squad is called empty if the man?
Kewell conqueror 4 hours ago

Emana will come, but transferring the right of the last yllarda formicada alnsn both good players, but especially Emana alnsn! would be transferred to many places ...
Özcan Atalay 5 hours ago

Call to get back t ... t alcağına carrusca Formica hit one to the other in Argentina cristaldo janothan Get that guy out of a single topçuyu istiorum weles forwete
Cenk Long 5 hours ago

great shots i have a very good placebo passes very well, but a little weak, dominated by fast lithe good strutting atabilliyo bilekelrine I know I do not have the problem of disability bigliada
Emre Tiryaki 6 hours ago

Ribery is not bad bi bi from youtube I watched I wondered why I liked this too, like watch Youtube onuda Shame Riber Formica us seem to resemble the end, but do not escape from us :)):)
Daniel Ozalp 6 hours ago

There are more to be captured off the ordeal desenize
Albert Genau 7 hours ago

Friends .. Follow from youtube .. not bad man .. Sabri'den hallice.
Arto Order 7 hours ago

I think the young players to soccer players from Argentina, almost all transfers, but this is unlikely to be given time at least. Argentine passport is not a football player if it is empty. you are playing bad, it is because he oynatamıyorsun
Hakan Ertuğrul 7 hours ago

bursaspor wonder how these players have missed.

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