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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ice recovered from the grave

A frozen lake, the filly fell to wander Temmy

Thick layer of ice on the frozen lake, giving a great challenge to the shore attracted per horse owner, horse rescue teams received great praise.

Causing a 20-meter thick ice Firefighters rescued Temmy'i gray mare. 17 year old the day after Christmas at the North Wales town of Rhosneigr otlaklarında otlanırken walked right on the lake.

Temmy falling into the lake for an hour to walk on broken theres ice to keep his head above the water at the end of fighting and rescue work has recovered from a zahemtli.

Rhosneigr, from the towns of Bangor and Colwyn Bay, a unit of water accidents and animal rescue team of 20 persons including crew, on the scene quickly using the ice axes birds and animals to pieces, 17-year-old saved his life.

Finally, dry ice, opened the way to the floor to pull the animal rescue team and starts being accessed Temmy'ye

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