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Friday, December 31, 2010

The new princess' racist friend

Britain is prepared to enter the royal family of a friend Kate Middleton'ın "immigrants want to hit the" response drew to say.

LONDON - The Daily Telegraph newspaper was planning to hit the social networking site Facebook profile by illegal immigrants took part in a news about a person's questioning of racism.

Facebook message by Emma Sayle and racism in the granting to the extensive investigation, this person is prepared to enter the royal family, Prince William and Kate get married and have Middleton'ın friend.

The report, Sayle'ın profile "took two hours shooting lesson. Now the capabilities of the East of England in London to help tackle the problem of illegal immigrants to use, "he transmitted.

Newspaper Sayle'ın "Using the skills of weapons, the illegal immigrant population in Britain for control can not use the so-called racism" would like copies of the given words.

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