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Friday, December 31, 2010

Smokers beware!

Tiryakiler MOBESA hunt ...
Smokers beware! Traffic is a nightmare for those who violate the rules of public order and security system of the city (MOBESE) cameras are no longer those who violate the ban on smoking in the avlayacak. Ministry of Health, 'smoke-free air space' is a historic decision by activating the application, the technology has scored against sincerity. According to the circular sent by the Ministry, the governor of the 81 provinces and businesses against smoking ban piercing addict after that city security system (MOBESE) cameras will be used. Ü also g according to circular in the workplace - venlik camera records for examination. Against those who violate the prohibition of smoking, environment and security cameras mounted displays will be accepted as evidence, criminal procedure apply to institutions and individuals.

FIRST CRIMINAL taxi driver

Donat'ın Irfan Sabah newspaper reported, the Ministry circular is being sent shortly before the governor's offices, in violation of the ban on smoking in the last few days a large number of taxi driver, had cut off the penalty. Law No. 4207 came into force in July last year, all indoor areas open to the public use of tobacco and tobacco products prohibits the practice is accepted as an important turning point in this application aims to minimize the violations.


On the other hand, glazing and other applications that work places ban on drilling in the ministry's application criteria were added. One of the main changes made by enterprises in the form of a glass winter garden was related fields. The circular restaurant, coffee shop, such as businesses in order to create a smoking area inside and outside of his business arrangements are becoming illegal. Genelgedeki matter "with a ceiling or side surfaces of the folding mechanisms of these systems in workplaces, enclosed area, even mentioned in the open in these areas, such as cigarettes and other tobacco products will be evaluated and tüketilemeyecek" the statement said.

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