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Friday, December 31, 2010

Heritage massacre!

4 people were killed in their homes shot

Stationer Erol Stars, at home with his wife and two daughters were killed. The killer suspect brother, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, was taken into custody. Legacy of the massacre was allegedly caused by conflict in 14 acres of garden.

Stationery is the owner of Sakarya Akyazi District Katy, who is also the Head of Parents Association of Elementary School Konuralp Erol Stars (47), his wife, Hani Stars (42), disabled daughter, Katy (18) and the other daughter Elif (12), holding a pistol bullets killed. The killer, killing 4 people and then tried to fire at home and away from the kitchen open and LPG. Stars family, his son studying at the University of the Mediterranean Text Stars (21), comes home for Christmas vacation in the sight of blood in the tears of his family told police.

"Heritage to eat you!"

The fire crew put out the flames of a burning home, curtains, kitchen closed tube. Stars family in Istanbul, the news was given to his son studying in the other. Erol killed Stars' s, living in the Netherlands that his older brother Jacob Yıldız'la belirlenince heritage dispute centered on suspicions that person. Erol Stars 'of the 14 acres of the village some time ago Hanyatak fındıklığı brother Jacob Stars' of selling despite the determined opposition. Police, Jacob Stars' s brother, Erol Stars' A 'yedirmeyeceğim you this money, "said he learned.

Yakup Yıldız creditor of the massacre at home, killed his brother seem to be owed, but imzalamadığı Erol Yildiz found a bill. Jacob set a few days wandering through the county Yildiz, the relevant units in the Netherlands warned against the possibility of escape. Stars, yesterday at about 12.00 am Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, the Netherlands was captured trying to escape.

COLOR OF A personality

Erol Stars murdered retired librarian, had a colorful personality. Hazelnut garden of their own resources to go to the neighboring land owner refused to make, and the news was the cable car. Erol Stars stationery shop at the same time turned into the library and rent books to promote reading habit launched application.

Suspect Jacob Stars "have committed the murder because of inheritance" to the question "Could be," he said.

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