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Friday, December 31, 2010

'I went cuffs, a red plate with the ...'

ANKARA - Altindag municipality in accordance with the original members of parliament was restored and converted into a museum in Ulucanlar Prison BDP'li wanted to visit. However, from the Ulucanlar Prison View BDP'li Secret, Do not with the IHD chairman Akin Birdal Bengi Yildiz and Ozturk Türkdoğan, municipal authorities, the museum building, were excluded. The calm, Altindag Municipality officials sought but failed to respond positively to the demands.
Torture Museum BDP'li proxys shock
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Don, a statement to reporters here, in about 3 passes on the news that came from Ulucanlar prison converted into a museum, but due to Not being in "shock experiences, " he said. Ulucanlar prison, and he also lies in the names of the days spent here can not forget the expression, Do not see prison again expressed his sorrow for not being approved. Do not, "even before I entered prison in cuffs come with a red plate, alınmadım"he said. Altindag Mayor emphasized that the situation Tiryaki said that the attitude towards BDP'lilere açıladı: "The museum is not open to dhcp.templates visit. There is still work in progress. Or that lawmakers can not be taken to the museum. "

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