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Friday, December 31, 2010

You have staked Club Cim-Bom

Argentine player in the list of CFR Cluj'un Hagi'nin Culio, Romania, wanted to leave

Romania's sports newspaper Sportirulor'a speaking successful footballer, "Cluj'daki misyonumu completed. Came time to leave. I can not wait until summer, "he said. Culio also said that a big club Galatasaray, "Hagi'nin wants me proud. I hope I'm agree, "he said. The report, Galatasaray, Culio 1.5 million euros for the proposed, but the President also said Paszkany'nin players who left.

Ayhan's account
Galatasaray's Ayhan Akman experienced players, more than a year after wearing the yellow-red colored team football life in Germany, Spain or Greece, said he wanted to continue. Military service, yet do not make the 33-year-old experienced players, "football coach for 2-3 years after leaving Europe, I want to study. Also has a goal in sports academy, "he said.

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