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Friday, December 31, 2010

Relations between men and women were fighting somewhere varılmıyor

'Understanding, to forgive is not necessary to alleviate the pain'

Why so scared of life?
Such a right was given to you?
Do not be afraid alone but hear bowel.
I do not fear loneliness in the crowd!
Fears, yaşanmışlar, that I never said they did grow one of the scholars?
Pain was not included in this package?
Do not be afraid, everyone in life goes up and down this exam. The important thing is to continue to fall and fall and you get into a run to ignore the wounds.
Life is a koşuysa ...
Do not be afraid Take deep breaths, think they live behind the front. Think about anything non-count your blessings.
Do not be afraid, do you live, breathe, or, do not be afraid!
People from around decorum is the mother of one, is born, if the light above başarıp görebilirse, especially when making a move at the well zıplayabilirse. rebirth in this business ...
Oh to be in the world there!

Aysegul Dinçkök author of the above lines. Do not be afraid to take my hand I quickly glanced through his book. I threw my bag, and I thought I read the story at every opportunity, an opening. Time and again he wrote this first öyküsününde, have read part I share with you. In 2005, Aysegul Dinçkök'ü tanımıştım. He surprised me the first tanışıklığımızda. The gifted children in special education buluşmuştuk TEVİTÖL'de. He is a well-off date, extending her hand out of a gifted children have seen a very different sensibility. Later on different occasions, I watched Dinçkök'ü Aysegul. No "Mis" do not make such, a woman's heart is full. Do not be afraid that his book was a book that shows her in this direction. Male female relationships, disappointments and joy of living, there is hope in his book. Aysegul Dinçkök his own words "written not afraid." Baby born Ayşegül Bebek Dinçkök'le meet and chatted.

* Korkma'da 5-6 pages have stories. It also complement each other stories. Novel writing think?

When I delivered the book, "so let's novel," they said after handing over my head but I'm finished. This idea did not look hot, but after that may be.

* Fears that we all have in life. You are different stories sprinkled stories. Frustration, abandonment, separation ... Weight of male-female relationships more stories. First of all, you are your fears at the same time? In addition, fears of change over time? Childhood, is now a young kızlığınızda and your fears?

I watch movies from a very young age. Childhood fears was that one, the elders, "noon, evening movies sleep uyumazsak gidemeyeceğimizi" They said. I wanted to be like the movie follows the stories of the people I kurgularken. While reading the events in the eyes of people who wanted to revive. When the hair is melting the ice man at the bar inside the door, a öykümde. When I wrote that story, air 35 degrees. Okuttuğum friends "How do you think of this in the air?" He asked. My own observations, have happened around me im going through and kurgularımda ...

* Baby doğumlusunuz ...

Yes, the baby was born. My father was born in the baby. My father was the oldest living babies. Our house was one of the houses in the sultan's third gözdesine given. Wood binaydı. Most things in my childhood yangındı koktuğum. Because the wooden houses would have been a lot of fire. The fear went away over time. Very afraid of fire. Afraid of the dark, I hear voices. My mother took me many horror films. Thanks to movies I think I did not fear that too later.

Did not claim anything in life other than sports for 10 years of National Takım'daydım

* Young kızlığınızda he asked ...

I'll be in the car would explode like a break in Young kızlığımda. Was due to fears about the future of life expectations. Frustration, for example. I swimmer. Trainer "out of the pool without first," he says. Can not be drawn without first frightened. Did not claim anything in life other than sports. I think as a result of these pressures, as well as I Liseliyim Austria, I guess because of the German schools of multi-disiplinliydim. Swimming in his life became very successful. The record was mine when I stop swimming.

National Takım'daydım 10 years. Young kızlıkta had fantasized.

* But if you're not one of the dreamer, such as your feet are always ridden somewhere ...
Enough to know that the normal life of man will not always go pembeliğin gerçekçiydim in my youth. At that time, many people think of marriage. Coexistence of two people. A difficult institution.

* How old you marry?

23 years old and married. To marry, to have children with these expectations and also brings fear. Rancid soul of man, such as their child is hurt acıyınca. You know the mother, child raising fears that the fighting man. No one knows the fire is burning his hand without placing a finger ... Him up to put charms. Maternity concerns and fears will continue as long as life continues.

Time and space for reader's imagination left

* Fear not the first story. Written Korkma'yı day of birth ... Then I was afraid the name of your book. Why be afraid?

I wrote the first Korkma'yı. Do not be afraid of me came on my birthday. My best friends who have written such a letter and sent it. Name also was born. Fictions I had in my head and then I wrote them. Later stories have changed, respectively. But the first story
Fear was.

* Who read the book outside the editor of Mrs Sane?

Close friends by e-mail I sent. To file the Sane. Close to the reactions of my friends wondered. My friends were waiting for a time after each day. "This morning, the story did not" trying and started. My wife and daughters attended. They encouraged me.

* Not afraid to share what you write?

Be not afraid. This is part of my personality. Beğenilebilir also criticized as well. I put everything out openly.

* Stories do not have a name, no space and time. Last time, all the familiar stories and novels are familiar addresses, and even in some places almost made the ad.
You are abroad and within the country boats, hotels, restaurants, Anatolian towns, therapy centers, stylish stores around here where gezdirmişsiniz kahramanlarınızı but has not ... Why?

No time, no space. No Names. This is my favorite. Recently a friend, "I thought Asmalımescit'i reading a story," he said, I did not think what there is. Place and time left to the reader. Also did not talk about technology. They have lots of new yazılanlarda. Even in another language, they are also space and time to find the stories okunsa. I wanted to force the reader's imagination. Describing the life of the town thinks the reader there. I also thought that brought me there.

* There is also onboard, in the Anatolian town in Germany ...

They all think I am.

Fat and happy, unhappy people who are nice, but not less

* There are women laughing in spite of everything ....

Smile ... Difficult is not it? Is it possible to start the day with a smile every day. I want to be that woman in the story I wrote for. In spite of everything that woman hero is looking at life with a smile. I brought the stories of women become beautiful. I have just the right call. The most beautiful, most being young, they run behind the blank. Fat and happy, not very beautiful but unhappy ones? I have them in the stories I wrote between the lines.

* Continue writing seems to be the next adventure?

There is enthusiasm about writing. In my head there is fiction. I created a character. I want to write a novel. Do not be scared from scary he eventually finished a pink öyküyle. Disease that will not God, do not resort to death ...

What do therapists antidepressants is not the solution

* Special weight loss camps abroad, whether to go quickly back to the areas of weight, therapists have the heroes of the applicant. Thankful you are talking about but, unfortunately, a history of the first things people usually understand the value of the lost ...

I think the advance of technology, people are encouraged to solitude, perhaps, at their option. I used to meet and spoke, a letter to the phone, the phone turned into a post. Do you remember, a celebrity, a celebrity's father died, "Thanks to the head" was news to geçiştirdiği wish the phone message. Is this news? Yes happened. I think these are reflected in the relations. But I think people should return to each other. Therapists, antidepressants are not the solution. People are good for people. Benefit in humans. I also gave it a little in the stories. People kaybetmemeli hopes. Depression should not be in life, there are things in life more valuable than ...

Understanding is not to condone, need to ease the pain

* Women's fear to be left to the most dominant male relationships, love and separation to end ... You kurgulamışsınız through these relationships ... Do you think these are the most dominant emotions?

Yes. Frustration ... Pleasant part of your life or not. Frustrations, both women and men having to be abandoned. The two sides also gözlemleriyoruz we all live. Through life, relations with women and men. They did not start with me, will not end in me. I have observed that people like that. Double, triple relations a part of life.

* It caught my attention. Was abandoned, deceived men and women, but do not have any anger in your stories. The pain is not dominant. Disappointment, but there is understanding. I always have to try to understand ... Why is not needed in the face of fake outrage? Do you think you need to keep out of anger?

I think I'm fighting a people's revolt and its yaşanmışlıklarım gelemediklerini somewhere and I saw gözlemlerimle. Relations between women and men have a lot to be rebellion, but was a fight somewhere in the varılmıyor. Rational also concludes that where a separate thing. You okumuşsunuz between the lines correctly.

* The pain will not take pleasure in making life kahramanlarınızı yet to ...

Sorrows of a single person where you think you are experiencing pain remains. Bilateral relations, the pain is taken because of mandatory separation or having a party to suffer more. He remains bitter at such a place that make it difficult for any of you against the koymayla. Experience.

* Is not difficult to understand a little more work?

Absolutely. Hard of hearing people to understand anger. Suffering, suffering is a very difficult but perhaps also more difficult to understand what you did it against the side of the thing. Why did, why is reached here to search hard. No need to search because they have been guilty of, happened.

* Do you realized that a more easy to forgive?

To understand that forgiveness is not necessarily against my work. Taken for pain relief and fighting is perhaps understand it. The separation has happened pity, to fight unnecessary, he finished up something. But why is it? Some things to learn from, to tekrarlamamak some errors, some of the frustrations of understanding to avoid re-think it would work. Are we to understand becerebiliyor? I do not know fully. But at least I think it would work to understand the effort. Cooking makes it, as sometimes happens, or you do not add anything to eat. I understand people think it would be useful.

* Life, Would you say turning around male-female relationships?

Relationships in life is directing his life. Direct relationship between women and men at the top. You find yourself reading the stories in the book. My mother read a story than the book is pressed after the "I told you about it was I?" He asked. "No," I said. I structured things will happen to anyone.

* Aging, there is the fear of losing the beauty of women. That got your book. There's this story about the Red Dress. Beauty, an effort to become more beautiful, but very tiring race?

"Women dress for women," they say. Yes, these women are opposing us, but we would like to impress the men. Then there are double burden on women. I do not think any man dressed in a man. Both women and men as well as we would like to recommend. Stories in this, too.

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