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Monday, December 20, 2010

Rapists 25 years in prison

İlkadım district of Samsun, tools, their women raped, and her bag on trial for alleged extortion that 4 people sentenced to various prison terms

Samsun 2 High Criminal Court, means to take their place of destination about 1 year ago SS'y (42), allegedly raped and that her bag stolen Utku Senol (21) and Fahrican Gundogdu (20) that assist people with their proposed Tuncay Tahan (20 ) and Omer Ozcan Oguz (20) the trial was continued.

4 accused of participating in the hearing under arrest, the victim did not attend.

Gundogdu Fahrican defendants in custody, rights did not accept the charges, said:

"The event on the night he was standing on the road even though alcohol. stood beside the late hours to go to that place I told bırakabileceğimizi. He got in. Utku all my friends on the road after taking a little distance, I saw Tuncay and Omar. they took the vehicle, they'd lead in the home. Then Utku before voluntarily entered the relationship with the car, then me. Other friends entered. In addition, we do not have in her bag. "

Senol Utku other defendants joined in the defense of Fahrican'ın. Tahan and Alexander also argued that there is interest in the incident.

Defenses behind the court describing the committee's decision, defendants and Senol Utku Fahrican Gündoğu'yu 25'şer year, with Tuncay Omer Ozcan Oguz Tahan as 20 years in prison in convicted.

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