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Monday, December 20, 2010

Prime Minister 'scholarship' description!

3 days was 258 thousand applicants, locked phones, and at the end of the Prime Minister was expected to explain

Prime Minister to grant the application in question is not in any way, unfounded news about the citizens of the legal process be made yanıltanlar reported.

Prime Ministry Press Center said on the website, some web sites and networks, social networking, "the Prime Minister has given scholarships to university students about 500 pounds, " said the false news and comments. Scholarships and loans given to students in higher education by the state, according to law No. 5102 was carried out by the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution said, "So the Prime Minister making a scholarship application is not in question in any way. Baseless news mislead citizens and public institutions engaged in unnecessary disruption of services by legal action will be taken on those who cause "the statement said.

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