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Monday, December 20, 2010

'Haydar'la man beaten

DHKP-C is a member, those set forth in 13 other districts prostitution, drug sellers, "Hayden Hakyemez" written with a stick to beat the charges were taken into custody

Anti-Terror Branch of Istanbul Security Directorate, the Intelligence and National Intelligence Director on 17 December 2010 Presidency of the Marmara Region of Maltepe and Umraniye held a joint operation.

DHKP-C is a member of a police raid alleged terror group 2 females, 13 people were arrested. 2 kaleşnikov calls made, a pistol, two hand grenades, 317 rounds each, 2 pieces of the so-called switchblade knife, pepper spray 3, 5 wood, 3 iron sticks, 2 chains, 19 banners, 2, and plenty of megaphone hand written digital material geçirilldi.

"Haydar Hakyemez"

Instruments of crime upon a stick, "Hayden Hakyemez" has a script. Istanbul Security Directorate in the preparation of the action taken on behalf of the organization suspects, wounding, assault against the security forces, beaten, threatened, forced to obtain financial gain, property damage, piracy and unauthorized involved in acts of the show said.

Criminal suspects since Jan. 29, 2004 as a result of this research, especially in various districts of Maltepe, including bomb disposal kıraathaneye citizens to be beaten; businesses disposal Molotov cocktails to attack the security forces were involved in 19 different events.


Sympathizers of the organization to gain respect in society, "prostitution, gambling, drugs and corruption, no" under the slogan of the campaign had begun.

And take out to do prostitution, gambling and playing, took to selling drugs and using them to be accepted by the society between the major crimes and even punished those who claimed that the destination shown.

In addition, the suspects, are allowed to enter porn sites in Internet cafes were raided by business owners claimed to have been minted. Suspects, convicted persons they see, "Hayden Hakyemez" written beaten with sticks, to support the public campaign on behalf of the organization, members of the organization in accordance with the instruction they began to collect money has been claimed.

2 females, 13 people completed the safety procedures were referred to the Court Besiktas Istanbul

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