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Monday, December 20, 2010

New disease of our age

Computers, mobile phones, base stations, microwave oven the electromagnetic waves emitted from devices such as the disease has brought a new era

Irritating humming noise in the ear and cause permanent parent-child who lives with this disease and medicine litaretürüne 'Waves Against Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (hyper-sensitivity), as passed.

Serious research on electromagnetic waves known Sakarya University (SAU) Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Osman Çerezci, mobile phones, base stations, particularly those arising from the increasingly widespread disease, indicating a level that could soon threaten the health of the community, he said.

Çerezci, "These waves through the brain, causing an increase in temperature and expansion. This is the ear, buzzing with the hum of a sound wave between the new and constantly brings disturbing.

Individual situations with high voices, ie, relaxing at home or trying to sleep, you hear this sound wave more prominent. This also prevents the rest, and healthy sleep, reduces the quality of life. In addition, headaches, restlessness and anxiety symptoms are seen as the side. "He said.


The disease was more frequent in people living near base stations, especially the Çerezci expression in Turkey, this disease is unknown, but stressed that Europe entered litaretürüne medicine. After the introduction of 3G service in particular, voicing such complaints has increased in Turkey Çerezci, gave the following information:

"In particular, is more common in people living near base stations. These people have severe sensitivity to show that electromagnetic waves. The last two years, many people complained about the inconvenience. These people are going before the ear, nose and throat specialist. But the complaint does not pass.

Many patients also come to us asking for help. Turkey is experiencing difficulties in the diagnosis of the disease. But this condition can be diagnosed and subjected to electromagnetic wave testing.

In our country do not have a head about it. Has identified specific centers in Europe on this issue. However, no progress yet at the point of treatment. Just stay away from base stations is recommended to people. "

"Bed and will have to MAKE free from the waves"

Wrapped in all cities of the base stations and a base station that is now almost every neighborhood underlines Çerezci, said that it was impossible to get rid of electromagnetic waves.

A room of the house recently, you probably need to make the bed in there free from electromagnetic waves describing Çerezci said: "The days are going to the right.

Medical treatment of the disease in the world is helpless. With the spread of this disease is no longer going to every house will have a room free from electromagnetic waves.

However, this is very costly for the moment. This day is a 20 square meter room to purify all the signals have a cost between 60-80 thousand dollars. However, for people suffering from something done, you must reduce costs. A private room can be made completely free from electromagnetic waves in the future. "Çerezci, the alleged anti-electromagnetic waves in the market today screen, not protective products such as paint, he added.

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