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Monday, December 20, 2010

'Where gasoline sold in 4 TL?

Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, not 4 gasoline prices less than 3.75 pounds were sold at the station said that even in many places

Simsek Minister of Finance, participated in a television program. a question about fuel prices, the issue of petroleum products to be the subject of several dimensional replied.

Sims, where you came from to look at international oil prices, stating that, in Turkey, 95 percent of oil needs, 99 percent of natural gas in the international market price of these products are imported, and that reminded me of that.

Minister Simsek, said:''It is true, a serious tax burden on petroleum products are. But I have to discuss the issue on the basis, the tax burden in 2002 had.

100 pounds in 2002, when gasoline or diesel fuel vergiydi 70 pounds. Now, 65 pounds of tax. High, low, but I'm not saying the AK Party government during the tax burden on fuel prices did not increase proportionally.

They say, 'has increased in absolute terms'. Is said to increase in TL. Increases in TL. Turkey's hard captive in TL taxes, spending does not look that hard.

Turkey, the following important. Refinery output need to look at the price of privately TUPRAS according to previous state, and close to prices in markets, prices are relatively high according to the refinery.

Second, there is fuel distribution companies. Their profit margin in Turkey from 9 to 9.5 per cent. European average of 6 per cent I also have an ultimate vendor. Tax on the price refineries coming out. Companies also have a tool. BP, such as Petrol Ofisi. They have local dealers.

They talk about 4 pounds. Where to 4 pounds on sale, I've never seen it. I did not find the time to 4 pounds. 3.75 a very oil prices even further down the station, there are places.

Turkey, of course, are in an effort to increase the share of direct taxes. Dramatically in the coming years we have succeeded a little further down the burden of indirect taxes Please.''

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