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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 - PES 2011 - Full Download - Full Downloads - Full Install - Full Downloads - Full Games Download - Full Game Download

Football, of course, is no longer part of our lives has become one of the largest. Especially in our country to a large audience in the sport of football so to speak, every word out of mouth. That is natural for such a popular sport as a criticism and a lot more going on in the presentation of ideas. Tournaments and big matches, let alone after the competition is now held every weekend, the next day, always manages to obtain a place for itself in a chat in the chat with soccer.

I do not know you personally but I cooled down a bit recently, watching football at the bottom. The biggest reason for this, of course, every sports organization is run as a separate encrypted channel and the organization. All of these organizations to have a brake to one side, even what day matches played, I started being able to follow the team even positions. Certainly among you who participated in this situation or find strange is okuyuclarımız. Put aside this kind of information about myself, let's go back to our original. In short, the biggest factor in the recent football games for me, football has become binding.

Sure every gamer who loves football, even if once in his life met with Pro Evolution Soccer. Even before, the Winning Goal Storm or even mention Eleven'dan. Not surprisingly, as every game in the PES series continue without waiting for a great curiosity. Many fans of the series is still in kopamasa PES series, a series of multi-fan, its biggest rival, especially in recent years the FIFA series has caught up. PES gameplay elements of the game series, the most important reason for this decline is due. PES 6 and the series of summit, unfortunately failed to end a kind of games. Rather unfortunately a lot of quality in the negative direction with a view sergilese remained at the forefront. Especially in the old series, Winning Eleven series, only sorrow PSOne'daki translate Japanese names to English, while the final games of the series in the gameplay started to worry about the fire.

No doubt a lot of innovation this year as every year, which will include PES and FIFA series, will appear again last spring. So this year, PES 2011 is expected to give full meaning? This question is repeated for each year with the announcement of Konami accumulated a very different game (again) made statements. The first of these explanations, and most notably, of course, that the series was created from scratch. If we simply said they would give in the evolution of football this year, trying to spend.

Konami says the biggest change this year to live tarhindeki PES PES leader, Jon Murphy, said Europe had continued: "It was time for change PES'in, PES 2011 will be the scene of the series' history the most radical design change. Real determine what it is about football PES'te yansıtamadığımız with the fans to have worked. Our priority is to provide unlimited freedom and a new animation a must. PES 2011 also performs two - these two features are indeed directly connected to each other, the new PES will know of the game, but I also spent a lot you will see serious changes. "

Now, in our opinion, point of change from the time a new game Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PES series highlights the major changes and let us go to innovate.

The biggest point is to change in recent years worked in the PES series, arcade gameplay the game was to try to shift towards a more realistic gameplay. PES team recorded a considerable step in this direction, especially the latest games with more realistic face of a building had gone. A highly successful, especially in terms of ball physics, new game in the series, this realism is required to be taken a step further and says. In this context, the series branch of the general oynanışında encounter with the changes.

One of the largest in the ball control that affect gameplay. If we think about it is a very good, especially FIFA PES team this year, more on this feature similar to duracağa. 360 degree ball control of the game is described in the specifications on this issue be given more importance was noted. So now the ball around us rich when we are not just your own, you can not turn your opponent around the much more comfortable. Furthermore, we have checked that this control situation futbocuya moved forward, and some football players can say almost ball stick us rich.

One of the biggest changes in PES 2011 a new bar will appear under oyuncların. Paslarımız Now, this bar şutlarımızı ortalarımız and we have to adjust. Thanks to highly precise long pass or short pass, this bar is a little more challenging control point could be able to pass though to the address alıştığımıza. Press about the development of a more defensive game, this bar features, and Passing rates will become even more powerful. Another reason for the application of this variation is the biggest problem in the PES series, "took the ball from midfield, do not go directly to the castle," the situation remains will be eliminated. Now I'll have to play a game in a high percentage of taksiksel and rust. Oyudaki intended to capture the realism of this will be one of the biggest changes. This bar is a bar outside the game screen showing the status of the player's condition be able to see inside.

Speaking of these tactics of the game I want to talk about what impressed me most in this respect. First of all, be able to use the tactical parts of the view as a more comfortable and fluent with the game will encounter a different PES. For example, the sequence screen names of players are using what's feet up and a very important feature that can be found on a screen. PES 2011 also spent a great deal of change with short menus in a tactical sense, be able to control everything. According to defense tactic if we want our competitors will try to eliminate splitting, istersekte wings can come to a more coordinated. Even if you change the little screen, the location of the wing player tactical and tactical understanding of this situation will be reflected paslara. So what we want to be busy than the wing, so you can choose from a much more comfortable.

Normally, the defender back to the understanding of grieving, an opponent to stay in canada we want to show the progression of increasingly accurate. Or you choose the attack as a team, even if all the team for a long ball at the same time participate in the attack. This is an opportunity to smother the ball and his opponent could print in the future. In short, tactical game, a football simulation, layout, sometimes you could feel oynuyormuş.

The biggest reason the game more tactical parts of the spectacle on the durulmasının is a progression of understanding. So sıkışmaktan ball in midfield too, the more positions, more realistic gameplay and tactics are based on a dynamic image of a drawn match. Defensive presten just mentioned. Accordingly, the artificial intelligence of the players standing in a great deal on the PES team, every player in his own district, a very good position to stop the interference and the ball will take place in accordance with the report says.

Let us come to the movement of strut. FIFA's biggest rival in this regard is considered a highly successful if we are psychologists, PES 2011 will no doubt feature the biggest worry is passing. PES team is prepared to act on a whole new understanding on this subject, the understanding of the game from the start created a feint. The first business added to the game as a thousand new motion. Now, according to her own movements and strut movements sıralayabileceksiniz koyabilecek a row. To implement a custom menu özelleştirebieceğiniz these movements to look at the player abilities. So you want to move all the players will not be able to. Deception movements and struggles, the importance of the softer binary is added turning the PES 2011 promises to be much more in the foreground. Even so, I need to add in-line çalımlardaki düşündürdüğünü turns me a bit.

PES 2011 gameplay will be present except with a lot of surcharge. Champions league game this year in the Libertadores Cup with a license attached to license. My point is that I wonder if the other license conditions. Not yet made a statement on this issue but did not want to mention this year, according to FC Chelsea London. Personally, this situation started behind PES series 1-0 before the team and player licenses and trophy licenses than me has been to the forefront. I hope this year shows an improvement in this regard. Set aside the license status in the game you can create your own futolcunuzu mode, such as creating a new stadium will also sing.

Let us come to the point of the game is another wonder of the online features. "Blowing in the milk, yogurt with burning mouth" contrary to the logic of the case. PES series is a kind of catch the line is expected to have features for online every year, "milk yogurt with health in the burning mouth" umutlanıyoruz with the logic. Despite this, her last game in this situation corrected to add a little more. Full rail fitting a highly ambitious online features this year, geliniyor. The biggest reason is our understanding that a new game mode added to the game. Online game modes found in a league called Home Online League. In this mode, simply to fight against other players and will try to be at the top. According to the normal ranked matches between players of this league than the competition, the status kızıştıracaktır.

Graphics of the game this year and is already an ambitious graphical sense, the animations will be directed. In other words, some corrections of the PES team graphics, player animations, over more stops. Physical differences between the more fluid, natural motion even in the soccer players, according to the structure itself will make you feel the game animation.

As a result, PES 2011, is an ambitious ever. Although some of the videos of the game also features described karıştırsa heads and some necessary changes in the game to tell me a great deal umutlandırdığını. Messi is still yldızı valve replacement through the PES series, and one of the most important modes are created from scratch, even the Master League said. PES team of ambitious, even after such a statement, "This is just tip of the iceberg" had made such statements. Tactics and the soccer player, especially as described in the case of properties facing us think that PES is quite different. Of course, I think the development returns, such as passes are some of the points. To see the rest of the iceberg, only a few months I'll have to wait. We hope this year, and longed for a more successful encounter with the PES game.

Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3 GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5800 +
Video Card: 256 MB Pixel Shader 3.0 (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 / AMD / ATI Radeon HD2400)
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
HDD: 10 GB

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