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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mafia 2 II - 2010 - Full Download - Full Download - Full Downloads - Full Games Download - Full Game Download

Mafia 2 have made it the full 8 years before the first game, and general care with the emergence of a successful game although the game is missing, although sayılmıştı seen enough interest in the future 2 Bahsedilmişti.Ve may be a game in 8 years and we have players ready for Mafia 2 has prepared himself to be on the basis of the story with no connection to the game without thinking çıktı.ilk present time, and environmental aspects of the game just so much better gösteriyor.Tabikide similar graphics, sound and gameplay elements ...

Mafia 2, the Empire close for Mr. Vito Scaletta's character and a citizen, although born in Sicily yönetiyoruz.Vito actually a family of 4 persons, including her sister because of the difficulties of living in a place where his father lives in the United States believes there may be more easily migrated to the city of the Empire Bay As soon as a simple and handy with a menu interface karakter.Oyuna karşılıyor.Bu us or yourself from the system likes to make adjustments in the level of difficulty başlıyoruz.3 game we used to play the game a lot longer, easy, medium and hard options bulunmakta.Kendinize the trust, with experience and courage to choose the desired difficulty of the game in the hands of us başlıyorsunuz.Vito non-rainy weather, the photo album with a few pictures of the house of childhoods we sokuyor.Çocukluk videos by the game's first break with the years and some of the main story of his life from now after telling us that he had to get used to the game makers to put the memory of a military giriyoruz.Bu section into a section of a general character that is not connected with this part of the story çalışıyoruz.Ana to get used to controls, through the main story of the character of the story from beginning to end his introduction to the character of our friend Joe has joined the main story We continue to search with the video game.

Although we live in the city of the Empire of Mr. Mafia 2 even though we do not have the right to navigate freely in this city, unfortunately, subject to the points of the task whether you'd get a asilikte do not want to walk around the city ... Yes, Mafia 2, only points of the story led us increasingly tasks trying to finish. What about the beginning nor the game bitirdiğimizde vaadedilmiyor.Bu freedom to us any steps you might be surprised in the game because the first step into the Empire Bay'a producers have prepared a very detailed and a great city.

Has made a big improvement compared to the first game of the graphs can easily söyleyebilirim.Gerek lighting, coatings, and many graphical elements have a high quality graphics içeriyor.Tabi no error in this game with no değil.Bazı graphical bugs fortunately have a lot of bugs in general does not bug each other until diyebiliceğimiz realism of the game and more of the objects entering into these bugs bozmuyor.Işıklandırmalarda a job in the extraction of super profits caused by days of winter söyleyebilirim.Özellikle ıslaklıkların your car and the other because of the shining lights of cars removed from a realistic job. Facial detail than the main characters in the middle levels of detaylıyken side characters, and sometimes worse, the worst levels of the characters down to the details of sadness and joys karşılaşmaktayız.En good facial animations that can not have a certain ... returned home from military service as an example of the first chapters on the stage Vito, Vito the joy of his son's mother to come out of gösterebilirim.Bunlar become unable to express a very good game graphics were very good quality and of course all the graphics in the Mafia 2, a system must have a high need to take advantage of the blessings.

Söyleyebilirim.Özelliklede enough I found the variety of weapons in Mafia 2 the following sections to be opened slightly modified weapons, the main weapons in armed conflicts arttırmış.Oyundaki diversity is not a very good sense of the stroke, but not too bad if söylemeliyim.Silah sounds and explosion sounds have been very successful back to the sounds of the weapons remain a good business subject to a direction issued yok.Bu ... değinmişken Stock sounds sounds like an ear, let us continue and Mafia 2 atalım.Bildiğiniz what awaits us in this city a great city to live in missions in a realistic environment yaşattığını us how feel? Of course, with the sounds of the environment ...! A truck passes through a street, walk to your side by closing your eyes, or a very comfortable way to walk people can hear your side of the situation even more realism, and this sounds iyileştiriyor.Karakter seslendirmelerinde a successful business as well as the many other sound effect or the opposite sense of the current çıkartılmış.Karakterimiz or he is not afraid to say that the seriousness of scary in a good way as I mentioned before, certain that the facial animations gördüm.Daha sayılsada minus the opacity of this sounds great thanks to the beautiful face of this lack kapatılabiliyor.Yapımcılar small amount in a movie, videos or animations, or call ourselves a character actor in the story that the zannedebileceğimiz put up a good job.

If a man can do in daily life in the city of the Empire Bay yapabilirken GTA IV, the main elements that go into a bar, such as friends and especially I do not have activities like playing darts or super-set of a girl you think she got dreams, of course, unfortunately, no water, clothes-making activity düşecektir.Hiç, you feel some of the games we used to import weapons and filling technique of eliminating our need for food and activities available in this game, as well as changing clothes and talking about your car modified car modified to have imkanınızda points to an important place for us to carry over because the cops if your car's license plate if it is a modified Do you have to change the plate to the next street, the police have to wander around worrying about whether he will or if kalabilirsiniz.Öteki hand clothing and other police units, you will see in detail to the plate as described above if they hear the same concern in a normal manner while walking hand hissedebilirsiniz.Öteki any number plate appearances without a recipe or style of a direct call is being sought GTA series are used to star in this very high number of stars in the case of no pay from the police punish or get rid of work it from there by bribing police elements to be included in a realistic way to uzaklaşabilirsiniz.Bu diyebilirim.Polisler has been very good for the about artificial intelligence in the last word to end a sentence establishing the police force istiyorum.Sizi chasing to press the gas until the end of a very successful, but when you kovalamada doing anything even though they also fixed some of the crimes police are faced sad, but still I can say çıkartıldığını a successful business.

The enemy artificial intelligence is about the very bright, but not a satisfactory situation that usually prefers to shoot from where they stopped us in our enemies attacing successful, but occasionally the various maneuvers to make a shield to protect himself an unsuccessful performance.

Dismissal of course the task will be below us who had a car ran the largest help us! While you drive an Audi definitely not using the old model cars that you feel is the feeling of driving a little difficult to use the first level is very successful despite the driving dynamics of a time well after the cars we used to go to work söylemeliyim.Hazır cars dismissed as lacking in the game I found a great taxi system in the absence of this game, it boredom with us to talk about the damage and take a taxi anywhere gidemediğiniz istiyorum.Oyunda going on a mission to be transmitted to the police reluctantly forced to the floor with them and the long working distance is longer than the length of the task points kalabilirsiniz.Özelliklede simulations, if the car drives and enjoy one of the If you are not in this situation would become very boring for you, a taxi system in this regard geliştirseymiş belirteyim.Keşke producers.

As a result, the final part before entering the state must mention an important issue and jump oynanabilirlikten istemiyorum.Mafia 2 control interface and HUD oynarkenki (Campbell, weapon bullets and icons on the map showing details) Screen simple and convenient, easy to get used to the controls of any difficulty that? If we live in an enjoyable way street and occasional extreme difficulty dövüşlerinin devirebileceğiniz down your opponent or you'll be in a manner optimized for bulunmakta.Bildiğiniz J Mafia 2 even though the option or co-op multiplayer online modes such as single game mode, you do not have a long way , short stories, and you free to abandon the city in terms of gameplay a bit boring so again sıkabilir the gripping story of Mafia 2 is the first time you play a game where you can find.

As a result, the first game, Mafia 2 on the successful innovations have succeeded in making a oyun.Yinede boring gameplay and again that it does not contain any online mode, although a construction of a building where you can find the first gripping story and especially enjoyed playing "The Godfather" films like the style of Mafia 2 ' t certainly try.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or higher) / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: 3GHz Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600 + (Dual core)
RAM: 1.5 GB of RAM
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 / ATI HD 2600 Pro

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or higher) / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core processor
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
HDD: 10 GB
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon HD 3870

PhysX / APEX System Requirements;
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Quad-Core processor / Recommended 2.6 GHz i7-920
Graphics Card (PhysX): The minimum for good graphics, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 260, NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX for PhysX / Recommended Nvidia GeForce GTX 470
Video Card (APEX): Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 Minimum / Recommended Nvidia GeForce GTX 480

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