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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FIFA 11-2010 - Full Download - Full Downloads - Full Install - Full Downloads - Full Games Download - Full Game Download

EA gives more weight to consoles in recent years, especially due to the reactions from the forums now ... His opponent had to do something at the PC PES on the PC side of the shoot all the football fans, casual and cautious steps, going ahead. So that "FIFA 11" up to duyurulana ...

Most players, FIFA is now the only chance for a new generation knew that to. PES has very good graphics and fun gameplay, so to speak, FIFA attırmıştı powder. A few months ago a new generation of PC graphics exceeds FIFA's officially announced. This is a new competition in the world of football games. For years, the remaining FIFA, the new generation PC kızıştırdı competition thoroughly. So we took this new generation of always longing to do what the FIFA on the PC?

First of all I want to talk about the game's main structure. The game consoles are available are blended features of FIFA 10 and FIFA 10 World Cup. In other words, the graphics, the gameplay in a completely new next-generation games are facing. The two best features are also taken from the game and had a nice mix. Here, the question comes to mind why the players directly to the port edilmediğidir FIFA 11. Transfer to the PC game lasted exactly two years, so this process had only FIFA 10 system ports. Expectations for the next few years could be much bigger than the game. However, this does not mean, of course, we will encounter a bad game, unlike hundreds of award-winning, entered the Guinness record book is a game bilgisayarlarımıza.

In an interview, Ian Jarvis, "is always one step ahead of consoles," lafını used it, because we understand what this means later. The new-generation consoles, "revolutionary" Personality + system is described as, unfortunately, not available on the PC. This is necessary to mention briefly the system for allocation of a system we can say good or bad a player. Bad players will score bad shots, bad passes gives the contrary, good players play better, makes better beats. That's exactly who this distinction to a personality + system. Passing system will not come out of this, many pro is not clear. This system allows the players exactly where it wants to kick rust. But apparently he will remain as a special feature in the console.

360 system is fully integrated into the game this year. In this way, instead of the players that we want to go yönlendirebilicek and only 8 directions, you can go where we want to 360 degrees. In addition, a new physics system is integrated into the game thanks to a witness we can be much better than dual challenges.

Modes fully disclosed, also known to add the arena mode. Who do not like to disclose this mode: the players and the goalkeeper is in the middle of the field, guiding the player as you want and you can do moves, trying new moves. So in short, a mode is quite fun. On the other hand in the game will be the manager mode, but have received little information about it or not. Of course I also have a virtual pro mode. Added a new feature in this mode, so the game can transfer their out our photo and then geliştirirek features to moving towards becoming the world star.

Licenses where stops. Over 30 leagues, 500 teams and 15,000 players have taken their place in the game as licensed.

The game just stops in the same multi-player modes. Moreover, the new has a mode that is quite sevineceğine players are confident in the LAN. Play through this mode is called a LAN connecting to the EA serverlarına, create your own tournaments or leagues can set up between you. In addition, integrated voice chat system also in the game, it switches to connect the voice with other players. 10, 10 game consoles available in the system, whether the PC is not yet clear.

Operating System: Windows Vista / Windows 7, Windows XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or equivalent
HDD: 8 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128 MB or better, 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better, supporting Pixel shader 2.0 and above

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