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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leaf Dökümü'nde final shock! VIDEO

5 years, the phenomenon has become the bitter end with the Zeitgeist series is over.

Starring Matt Ergun, Trust Hokna, Bennu Thunderbolts, Marine Cakir, Evcen Fahrenheit, and Hasan Gokce Bahadir Küçükçetin'in played the final section of the array is a multi-claim was put forward.

Başak Sayan range of actors sharing a shout twitter page for days spoken, the final part of diziseverler about how the polls would be held.

Curiosity has found the answer to all questions this evening.


The final section of the screen array, Alex entered the jail by admitting guilt, Sevket is liberated.

Necla and Ali Sarpel'in resulted in a divorce. The court Sarpel output, Necla'nın learned she was pregnant.

Pearl, married to Amir. Sevket this happiness away from the first moments of freedom and quiet seyircisiydi news of the wedding.

Weddings and happy news of the return of family members living in the joy of being to give Ali Riza Bey, when they come home with his sudden death yıkıldılar.

Auspicious Lady after the death of Ali Riza Bey, children, Leyla, Sevket, taking also in Trabzon and Ayşe returned.

Necla Leyla two brothers and their father for a long time with the word offended barıştılar holding.

Thompson family vacated the mansion and the sale was the latest guest Ferhunde.

Zeitgeist lasted 4.5 years and has become a phenomenon, Bennu Yıldırımlar'ın "He is our father, Ali Riza Tekin, clean contaminates the name of the inheritance left to eternity .. lay still in a station, a station which started in Istanbul adventure came to an end ..." took place in the words of archives.

Zeitgeist for the first time in 1988, with the audience buluşmuştu TRT screens. In 2006, Carter produced Çatay'ın adapted to the present day re-drawn series of screens at this time had come to D'channel.

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