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Thursday, December 30, 2010

We always put Mustafa Kemal, was addicted to email ...

About the life of Said Nursi, a part of the Free Man excessive political and very upset

Kursat Oguz / koguz@haberturk.com

"Anticipated movie"'s Church seriously filled out the inside of "Free Man" will be shown on January 7.

CLICK HERE for a very special frames from the movie ...

Hur man eagerly expected, because the 20th century, Turkey's most important political - which is one of social characters, tells the life of Said Nursi.

Nurculuk movement known as the founder of the Kurdish and "Islamist" because of that regime and the regime of the Republic (and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) have experienced serious difficulties, served time in prisons, but continued to publish yılmayarak epistles whose authors commit to the Qur'an the life of Said Nursi ...

Not surprisingly, as a simple biographical Free ADAM - yaklaşılamıyor as a film documentary. In fact, today I can say the press as one of the following notation:

"Free Man" excessive political and secular - Republican circles ... definitely storms kopartacak

Said Nursi was born in the village of Bitlis Kurdish speeches Hizan township Nurs movie opened in 1882, turns back the years go on till the end of his life.

Taken from the Koran to spread his ideas, pamphlets and talebeleriyle movement, of course, the philosophy of the newly formed Republic çatışınca, throughout his life in an oppressed Kurdish - Muslim figure, and some sections of Anatolia, the regime in question, focusing on the new movie is very political.

Director-producer-screenwriter Jack Tanrisever, "Free Man" is described when Said Nursi summarized as follows: the Republican regime and this regime by using the external outbreaks frustrated, crushed, or even the courts süründürülmüş poisoning tried numerous times, but his head eğmemiş in any way, the Qur'an 't given up spreading a religious scholar.

Cross one's legs ...
That being the case, we know the life in front of the other political figures as it takes on a different character.

For example, Mustafa Kemal ....

Tanrısever, I explain the symbols and meanings çalışsada side, especially in one scene the two "hero" one at a time from an "anti-hero" turns.

"Throughout his life, standing upright, and the ideas of compromise," Said Nursi puts legs in the film twice. In one, the court tried him in front of the other well-known meeting took place in 1922, in front of Mustafa Kemal ...

According to the movie that meeting, the newly established Republic, Mustafa Kemal, Said Nursi wants to take next. "Drink some yumuşamalara out of clothes and" wants to specify the support. Is turning its back on the angry insults edilmişçesine Said Nursi.

However, the same interview, Mustafa Kemal, Said Nursi in the film "property, money, political power," also promises that this is normal at first glance may sound ...

But that scene, established a link between a few scenes before, "malevolent" question marks in the minds of the audience can evoke. That is to say:

According to the movie on Said Nursi played games, and it actually prints in "outsourcing" is. Since the beginning of the film is similar to a Masonic lodge Vadisi'ndekine Wolves in the UK, make plans on Turkey and pose a threat to its own imperial aims Said Nursi is planning to destroy the kind of intrigue. In the film, Menemen events, such as the "tezgahladığı" angry Said Nursi in the absence of the alleged head of this group says, "her property, money, political power we have proposed, did not say to me Do you ..."

"Free Man", the difficult steps in the life of Said-i Nursi before discarding or picture of Mustafa Kemal, or the signature appears.

From the days of her exile in Isparta Barla'daki and the UK following the developments in the transfer of Masonic lodge, giving directives to the government agent's name is Said Nursi in the direction of print to establish significant: Ismet.

However, Said Nursi, seeking the support of Sheikh Said rebellion was on the contrary, hindrance. And the insurgency, the Kurds tried to dissuade him, "the Turks is the founder of this country and in them is not an evil" vazetmiştir.

But Islam does not tolerate is a concern for those against the book Said Nursi puts heart.

In this regard, then the deduction for student prayer on a soldier out of uniform, however, a significant movement in some segments sinirlendirecek.

But anyway, who tanışsa him, if you have a failure and subsequent failure to understand and pardon dilemekte is possible, the student of Nursi.

State KEEPER gate agent put Ismet, the manager of the township up to the first floor alcoholics ...

According to the last days of filming the life of Mustafa Kemal, in fact, the "truth" understood. It locasında Mason, at the end of 30s in the call for papers of Ataturk, "the Pasha wants to do what you like in" he spoken. According to the news in newspapers Ataturk, the last days of life, "the Islamic world and even the enemies of unity and struggle against the draw beckons ..."

At the top of the Free Man, Said Nursi, a few words on art and cinema passes. Nursi, the cinema is open until the end of sınrılarının imagination, whereas in reality will, it must kopulmaması.

But fantasy is often true in Turkey, passes through each other, which when true, when the dream is vague.

Let's look at possible charges against the producer-director-screenwriter since you really take a stand, do not dream? ..

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