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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Milan is not the Arab Kadri!

The world-famous footballers' white don'la into the sea.

'AC Milan players, Dubai, Al-Mamzer, beach, tourists like this pose. They also knowing us, etched in the memories big donuyla 'reminded Arab Kadri.


Dubai continues preparations for the second half in Milan, Europe's land at a time when winter is broken, the heat of the sun and enjoying the sea.

Closed the first half, Napoli and Lazio 3 points leader in front of the red-Siyahlılar, forced pass 2 circuit before the beach in Dubai Al-Mamzer threw stress.

Morning Milanlı players who walk the coast, into the sea on their white shorts. Ibrahimovic and Pato Milanlı especially football players 'white frost' interesting images, the cameras caught that way.

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