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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My grandmother would die today, broken front teeth ha, ha tomorrow yaptırmadan he lived ten years. Yaptırsaydı ten years would be used ...
My grandfather refused to allow read, my mother okuyamamıştı after primary school. Since then turning complainers ...

My friends now otuzlarından, forties, and each passing "has passed from us now!" There is so much that he left behind ...

But I want to do something to make a pile of late, people are thinking. Part of your life to date has found an opportunity or occasion but could not find and keep people ettirememiş ... Yapamadıklarına in the next life "ah" will be the fate of the complaining or accusing people prefer a life ...

Half of the fantasy, the other half in regret, and sometimes people are blind to it as a right to certain things ... He was going to waste their investment in the slightest attempt to vazgeçenler thinking. Employees blaming everyone to relax. Then they kızanlar most ...

"She is over now!" I mean, it is simplest to work. Complaining is easier to live in an effort to live. The Turkish people love the drama. Self-pitying, people who say eating tokadını fate, at least once a pity most of the attention they deserve.

Train death Kaçmaz! There is always the possibility to make a new start time discoveryTO not reached. If we continue to ask for and continue to burn within us if this request is possible to reach many times without stopping.
When the potential difference existing human in itself, everything goes nowhere existence. Opportunity, if possible prospect becomes. Everything is always falling mümkündür.Bize request to return the feeling is gone and just ask him.

You are not late for you to learn a language. To be loved as to love, re-enter a job, move somewhere, lose weight or to lose weight, sign up for college or to learn reading and writing, condone, or asking forgiveness, there is little time for anything before he died.

The main point of what followed koşacağımız meaning of our gerçekliğimizdeki place. This last criterion of us is a positive thing-insists-pass persists among us.

That something of us insist, we do keep in mind that exceeds what you can not have everything we need to do that is to say a thing o. The shadow of the future on us.

You might say that going through a lot of negative thoughts in our minds, hearts. So what, now they also show things that you need to do? Of course not ... they need to escape

What to do in us ... we miss ukdeler stopped thinking about everything.

Whatever it is, go back and look at the "passed from us now!" There is no sentence of thought in fact to a blank.

If our desire is still riding on a train and train istasyonundaysak Still, he took the train binmeliyiz. In any case, passing the time. Binsek also in binmesek
If you would prefer to be riding on our lives.

As long as we have hope to live and breathe şevkimiz are there still can not fade. Incensed by enthusiasm after reading life itself frustrated forty people who want to read what will happen to one of the 40-year-old won the 8-year medical school, "when you are finished you'll be 48 years old." They said. The man in the "Medicine will not have to read 48 years after 8 years!" Said demiş.Güzel actually ...

May to see us, right and wrong, good and bad in terms of testing is not everything of course. Trying to say is good, we are open to develop, life satisfaction, I mean the ones that will serve to increase the recognition of our Creator.

Life before the end of the train going, everything is done before the sun fades away for us and in us even more büyütecektir mümkündür.Dünyaya seeing things that were brought and intended to reach us on behalf of non-stop götürülüyoruz all shown significant efforts. Not you think so?

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