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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Puddles document is the pulse of the Navy Command of 10 bags. Easy language document 10 sacks ...

Also buried in the floor of a room condition binbaşının. Most "wet-signed" they say. Event that marked the recent history of Turkey's many dark and the name is said to have been deciphered in these documents.

Jobs in Turkey had been walking vesayetle iradeyle not, these documents would have to make the effect of the earthquake in the country. Especially walking around in the middle as a journalist, the journalist were really indifferent to such an event, but also learns the contents of a way, the reader immediately in front of junta sererdi all undergarments.

Due respect for self and the profession would do it before the reader.

However, things not work that way in Turkey. Journalism by the book (!) Click medyamızda not known. Wikileaks'ın treated as rumors are doing the document, occupy a skeleton presence in the pages of documents to the junta.
It's a week to pass over the operation, plans of creepy conspiracy, coup, is preparing the documents in spite of betrayal ...

Ironically in these days of rest haze known media, no one ever lived after the operation so quietly. At the very least dilute the investigation, confuse the public, to cover emerging talent they would betray and Dishonest. In fact, even if the Ergenekon prosecutors would try so that the head several awn atabilsinler citizen.

For example, the ability to change the regime downloaded on Feb. 28 hunting rifle, weapons Ergenekon lava tube she had tried to yutturmaya. Newspapers, "added the police documents," is going to gırla slander, wet signature guest received their machines in the main news bulletins.

Baltalayabilmek mental and intellectual equipment for the investigation yardakçılarının Turkey remains inadequate, even from abroad, have found supporters.

However, the prosecutor, this time, "the king" known to the media that to say that it got naked, did not leave the pen will play the field. Besides the police, for example götürmedi. Making the call, the boiler in place, the soldier holds a record of the documents. Documents already in the lawyer's office, small house or even the name is not accepted JİTEM'in locked warehouses, but found himself in the heart of Navy.

Wikileaks, however, still working the media gossip expressing a new ruling is very significant cosmic haze zuladan then suddenly shut up. Even if they cut off support to Ergenekon faces familiar publications. Not surprisingly, as people can not ask. "Sound has happened to wires, or holding the hands of the pen?

If these sound kısılmasındansa silences, the solution is simple. Student activists say alkışladıkları eggs thrown left and right wanted to see a few kolisini media plazalarına. Drinks on an empty stomach in the morning dew. Will surely benefit, vocal cords open.

No, no, silence, because "us decipher the cosmic Does the archive" is worrying about what it will snow eggs, nor Wikileaks'ten sızanlar ...

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