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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'hızlıyız many countries of Europe'

Transport Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey, the Internet faster than many European countries, he said.

Lightning,''go to Brussels, meet with the phone, the Internet can not enter. 8 years, we did not just split ways, present it to the information highways,''he said.

Lightning, in 2003, Turkey an information society in order to prepare the Board formed the e-dönüşümTürkiyeİcra said.

Not only public institutions, civil society organizations, including the committee stating that they Yildirim, chief executive of one of the most important work is to prepare the strategy document said. Lightning,''document-country 'has become the focal point veteknolojiüretiminde science, knowledge and technology as a tool that uses an active, knowledge-based decision-making processes that produce more value, a high level of global competition, successful and prosperous country,' We have recorded the level of commitment to removing ' 'he said.

Minister lightning, it is preparing a road map towards becoming a knowledge society and prepared the first official said the strategy. 111 action has been completed within the 22 of them expressed the Lightning, 3-5 year plans failed because the technology changes very fast, short-term than has been done.

Turkey in 2003, 1 megabit toplaminternetçıkışının, 600 MEGABITE come out today about the Lightning, I think to remove the 2-3 thousand megabits said. Yıldırım, Internet development, the countries also contributed to the development of democracy, 120'lik percent increase in national income brought in, he said.


Transport Minister lightning, cell phone, using the internet trade and travel failed bilgisayarve said,''the Republic is established, the campaign initiated by Ataturk to know that the fight against ignorance. In this struggle we have successfully. Literacy rate reached 90 percent in the 2000s. 'Our business is over' saying, appeared on computer literacy. For this, broadband high speed internet access provided in all schools. 30 thousand 750 thousand computers sent to school''he said.

Initiated by the Ministry of Education also provides information about the Lightning Project 1.5 quadrillion liras FATIH of the project, a project to place Turkey among the top 10 countries in the world, he said.

Minister lightning, 27 citizens met in a separate e-government service organization 223, indicating the number of citizens using these services, he said 1 million 200 thousand.

Information society in relation to the objectives of the meeting last year and they were putting targets separately for the period 2013-2023 expressed the Lightning, broadband internet access has reached 8.5 million people, he said. Lightning,''Turkey and the wire-wireless access to the internet and their infrastructure in many countries of Europe would be not exaggeration to say that good and fast. Go to Brussels, meet with the phone, can not enter the Internet, anywhere in Europe do not have the internet in schools. Only divided country in 8 years donatmadık roads. The way the airline did not make public, information highways and present it to the air and the soil beneath the satellite,''he said.

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