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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Town, family doctor had doktorsuz dövülünce

Slopes, the town of Yozgat district Boğazlıyan family physician in charge in the middle of the road by a citizen was doktorsuz dövülünce town.

Slopes of the town of Yozgat Boğazlıyan responsible shores Ö.D. Family Physician Tool with your own private resort on August 20 when it comes to examining a patient, to go ahead with motorbike H.İ.D 'to give way to the horn rang. Horn set off angry H.İ.D. The doctor stopped the car and motorcycle Ö.D discussed. With the growth of the debate Ö.D 't beaten. The fight lasted about 20 minutes beating Ö.D. Hospital removed through brain trauma hospitalized oldu.KayseriDevlet Ö.D to live because of brain trauma and related psychological disorders were reported 90 days.

Ö.D using the 90-day report, a report given to him 45 days to agree a second-year permission for 30 days using the Family Medicine resigned. H.İ.D after the event from which the plaintiff Ö.D. the prosecutor's office filed a criminal complaint.

Slopes, about 5 months resorts family doctor stating that the Mayor did not text Kocak, "5 months ago a discussion took place between our town that our family physician and a citizen. family physician receives a report for discussion because of our town that our people did not turn to a doctor about 5. permission, report break exactly 5 months passed. a kind of doctor did not start the task. "he said.

Town residents are not the family doctor for 5 months, the authorities are waiting for help. Slopes, the town is made before the attack was alleged that two medical people.

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