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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kaaba was washed with rose water and zemzem

Kabe-i Muazzama washed two times each year, after morning prayers today at a ceremony which was washed muharrem of 15.

Because of discomfort with the United States operated washing of the Kaaba waist and unable to attend the ceremony on behalf of King Abdullah, Makkah Governor Prince Faisal Al Kaaba Haled zemzem with rose water and washed her.

Washing of the Kaaba rendered two rakaat prayer prayer ceremony begins. Then, the inner walls of the Kaaba, and rose water mixed with white örtülerle zemzem Cleaning up with. Rose water, and then only if the floor of the Kaaba zemzem serpildikten, süpürülüyor using palm leaves.

Base of the walls of the Kaaba, and finally white again kurulanıyor örtülerle. Serpilmesinin then burned incense musk rose essence.

This year, every year, as well as diplomatic representatives of Islamic countries joined the ceremony of washing of the Kaaba. In addition, Turkey's Ambassador to Riyadh and Jeddah, Consul-General Salim Ahmed Mukhtar Day at Happy Sen took part in this ceremony.

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