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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TSK moved to report the

General Staff 'bilingual life' on the description of the muhtıraya been compared and ...

The General Staff, "a bilingual life", including the description of Ahmet Insel and Ali Bayramoglu, Aydin Engin, Baskin Oran, Cengiz Aktar, Cengiz Algan and Gencay Gursoy, including intellectuals and was admitted to Başsavcılığı'na gazetecilerAnkaraCumhuriyet.

General Staff's statement contained in a criminal complaint stating the mandatory specs, description, muhtıraya been compared. And the last paragraph of the comment published in a threatening manner 'or that you'll continue to do so' transferred stated. Mandatory statements, Md. Military Penal Code. 148 / C, and E is a crime that requires less than 1 month to 5 years in prison were expressed. The group filed at the same time, "We warn the General Staff entitled " launched a signature campaign. Signature campaign in a statement, "In our country since the military coup and the memorandum on May 27 for selecting the preferred on Friday (December 17, 2010), Genelkurmayinternet site 'press releases' opinions were mandatory under the name again," the statement said. Military intervention is seen as a reported statement by the General Staff said, "the General Staff politics, language or literature is not a task to deal with" denerek, the Government and the Parliament according to the instructions of the General Staff only duty is to defend the country against foreign countries consist said.

Military intervention will divide REGION

On the other hand Lawyers Association Foundation, the General Staff "again and again to intervene in politics in Turkey wants to enter into political discourse, " he said. Written statement that "the one weapon in his hand out to declare that the party is perceived by society as a clear threat of shock. This type of unwarranted interventions will continue to cause fear in the future division of the country 'the statement said.

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